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The People Behind the Rescue

2 Comments 22 December 2011

Working for a company that makes high quality food for dogs and cats has its privileges. We get to bring our pets to work with us, we get to talk about dogs and cats every day and all day, and we get to interact with great people that are passionate about all animals – especially dogs and cats.

We get a lot of requests for food and money contributions for small and large rescue organizations across the country. Some of these requests come from the larger Humane Society type organizations that care for and save hundreds of thousands of pets a year. These larger shelters provide a place for families to bring their beloved pets and know that they’ll be fed and sheltered until they find their forever homes. This service is most important in today’s economic environment and it takes a little of the stress off people that are already facing extreme pressures and want to know their pets will find loving homes and happy families. Thank goodness we have these large organizations and shelters as they truly do provide a service that’s priceless and necessary to all humanity.

Being headquartered in Portland, Oregon and where a majority of our employees live, we’re the largest food contributor to both the Oregon Humane Society and the SW Washington Humane Society. Castor & Pollux Natural PetWorks has a reputation for helping these organizations to feed homeless pets high quality diets. This started with the founders Brian and Shelley staying true to the cause and their passion immediately became contagious with everybody involved with the company.

While we love and appreciate what the larger Humane Societies are doing for pets, I have to say that I’ve been most intrigued and endeared with the all-volunteer and smaller foster rescue agencies. These bands of sometimes anonymous and always underfunded and appreciated people are silently making a difference in every community across the country. I know of high level corporate execs, real-estate investors, retired and unemployed people that dedicate endless hours and personal investments to saving our four-legged friends. These are people that commit to saving cats and dogs from high-kill shelters, puppy mills and pets that have been discarded without regard to their future welfare. The people who compose these small organizations are more passionate, committed and optimistic about finding solutions to America’s homeless pet problem than any other people fighting for a cause than I’ve ever witnessed.

Just like fostering a deserving child, they make sure these dog and cats are fed, sheltered, provided with medical care and most importantly, loved. These are people who’ve committed their lives to helping these animals in need and do it with disregard to their own financial and family situations, they do it because they just can’t stand by and see a helpless animal be homeless.

This year seek out these people and tell them that you appreciate what they do. When you’re looking for a cause to support, think of and offer them any support you can provide – it reinforces to them that what they’re doing matters and people realize they are saints. And when you’re ready for that four legged family member, seek these organizations out; the dog or cat you save will love you more than you can ever imagine. If you want to learn more, visit the PetWorks Partners tab on our website to find agencies that have that perfect pet waiting for you.


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  1. robb says:

    Nice article. right on the money.

  2. mary clise says:

    I am part of one of those small rescue groups and have adopted 2 pugs and am fostering one…thank you for your article…makes me feel like i am making a difference…one pug at a time…

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