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Introducing Our Dog-on-Diet Participants!

46 Comments 26 September 2011

Introducing Our Dog-on-Diet Participants!

We’d like for you to get to know the 24 wonderful pups that we will be featuring over the next 3 months! You’ll be hearing from each on a regular basis on the blog and Facebook. Welcome to the Dog-on-Diet!!!!

X-Small Dogs (Less than 10 Pounds Ideal)

  • Tator Tot the 7-year-old Chihuahua, whose owner describes him as loving, fun and fat.








  • Daphnie the 9-year-old Toy Rat Terrier, whose owner describes her as loyal, sensitive and plump.








  • Emma the 3-year-old Miniature Pinscher, whose owner describes her as smart, happy and amazing.









  • Josephine the 4-year-old Miniature Pinscher, whose owner describes her as silly, round and quick.













Small Dogs (10-25 Pounds Ideal)

  • Diablito the 4-year-old Miniature Pinscher, whose owner describes him as curious, outgoing and a Mama’s boy.











  • Annie the 11-year-old Bichon-mix, whose owner describes her as rolly, silly and hungry.












  • Molly the 7-year-old Cairn Terrier, whose Foster Mom describes her as happy, sweet and affectionate.












  • Eloise the 2-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, whose owner describes her as affectionate, playful and center of attention.













Medium Dogs (25-50 Pounds Ideal)

  • Tallulah the 3-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi, whose owner describes her as vocal, big and sweet.










  • Haley the 4-year-old Wheaton Border Collie, whose owner describes her as sweet, beautiful and caring.












  • Prudence the 6-year-old English Bulldog, whose owner describes her as demanding, elitist and hungry.










  • Blitzen the 6-year-old Australian Shepherd/Beagle/Basset Hound mix, whose owner describes him as loyal and sweet.











Large Dogs (50-75 Pounds Ideal)

  • Shooter the 9-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback/Labrador mix, whose owner describes him as loyal, a protector and sweetheart.










  • Jules the 9-year-old Pit Bull mix, whose owner describes her as loveable, affectionate and easy-going.










  • Lady the 8-year-old Labrador mix, whose owner describes her as uncannily smart, loyal and sweet.







  • Hero the 4-year-old Golden Retriever, whose owner describes him as adorable, peaceful and friendly.













X-Large Dogs (75 Pounds or Larger Ideal)

  • Sgt. Pepper the 2-year-old Chesapeake Bay Retriever/Pit Bull/Chocolate Lab mix, whose owner describes him as rescued, recovering and pudgy.










  • Maize Blue the 6-year-old Yellow Lab, whose owner describes her as loveable, friendly and a person’s best friend.










  • Rascal the 6-year-old Pit Bull/Mastiff/Shar Pei mix, whose owner describes him as loveable, smart and huggable.










  • Cody James the 5-year-old Golden Retriever, whose owner describes him as loving, funny and brave.













And Last But Not Least . . . . . The Dachshunds!

  • Bandit, 4-years-old, whose owner describes him as grouchy, lazy and insatiable.










  • Rosie, 6-years-old, whose owner describes her as fat!









  • Duchess, 3-years-old, whose owner describes her as snugly, sassy, and shy.












  • Gizmo, 3-years-old, whose owner describes him as loving, funny and a cuddler.





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Mary works for Castor & Pollux Natural PetWorks, heading up the company's social media. She's grown up with pets all her life, the majority of them rescued strays. She has 3 dogs - Merlyn the Scottie, Maverick the Westie, and Monty the Lhasa Apso. She also has 4 goldfish, but they aren't nearly as loud, fun, or messy as her boys! She loves to take her dogs to the Hood River, OR and Manzanita Beach, where they can timidly test out the waters and annoy people on picnic blankets.

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46 Comments so far

  1. Sheila says:

    Good idea! Unfortunately, I think chubby pets are ‘cute’ as do a lot of others. It’s not good for their health though.

    You should do the same for cats! I have a 20 pounder you could use for an example. He’s a really big-boned boy but he also has a gut that swings back and forth when he walks.

    My female calico has a gut like that too. I jokingly call it her ‘udder’!

  2. Miranda says:

    What a beautiful bunch of dogs – can’t wait to see them dropping pounds and becoming lovely, healthy dogs!

  3. Carrie Boyko says:

    Great post Mary! I love the way the owners descriptions roll. Cute!

  4. Mary says:

    Thanks Carrie :)

  5. Sarah says:

    We are so very excited that Haley was chosen as a participant! Can’t wait to start the program and watch the weight fall off! :)

  6. Ed says:

    Rascal is my “nephew” – blood is thicker than mud… except when it’s in their paws!

  7. Linda Bahr says:

    We are excited to have been picked for the program!! I can’t wait for my Emma to lose some weight!!

  8. Alex says:

    Eloise is so excited to participate!! We are determined to become fit and trim and healthy!

  9. Lori says:

    OHMIGOSH…Eloise, you’re a celebrity! May I have your autograph??!!!!

  10. Lori says:

    Love those dachshunds; come on you guys you need to look svelt. You will live longer, save your back and be healthier

  11. Corey says:

    I am SO excited that Gizmo was picked! He is ready to lose weight!!

  12. Erin says:

    Thank you for choosing Tator Tot to take part in this weight loss program. I can’t wait to see some weight come off him!

  13. Dixie says:

    Prudence is very excited to get started on her new diet….. Thanks so much for choosing her… The “sweatin’ to the oldies” videos no longer excited her… Lol

  14. Gayle says:

    Shooter received his package and we are very excited! He loves the food and the bite size pieces are his favorite kind! We did his first weigh in and are ready to do this!!! Thank you so much for allowing him to be a part of this contest!!

  15. Debbie says:

    Baby Bandit is so excited that he was picked for the Dog-on-a-diet program. He had fun opening his starter kit and grabbed his rawhide bone before we could even unwrap it. His brother,Rusty, was so jealous we had to cut the bone in half so he could enjoy it too.

  16. Melissa & Lady says:

    We have not recieved our package yet, but we know it will be well worth the wait!!!

  17. Dixie says:

    Our starter package has not arrived yet but Prue is standing by the door…..lubricating the entryway with plenty of drool….. LOL

  18. Linda Bahr says:

    Emma and I are very excited to be picked for dog-on-diet program…we have started walking…Emma is a Miniature Pinscher and her Ideal weight should be 9-10 pounds, She has to loose 3 to 4 pounds..I would love her to be 9 pounds and that is our goal. Emma loves being outside she is very friendly and greets everyone! I would love to post pictures and video on here but I have to figure it out..hope soon you will get to see!<3

  19. EILEEN says:


  20. Sarah says:

    Haley’s starter kit arrived on Monday and we are in the transition stage. Looking forward to next week when she will only be on Organix and we can then really start tracking her progress! :)

  21. Linda Bahr says:

    Emma’s starter kit arrived today….We are so excited!! I can’t wait for her to loose weight and to track her progress!! Emma needs to loose 4 lbs, her ideal weight should be 9-10lbs. I’m hoping to get her down to 9 lbs that is our goal….till next week

  22. EILEEN says:


  23. Barbara says:

    Molly (Cairn Terrier) received her Starter Package last week.She started playing with her toy stuffed Frog that day- video under Website. My roommate & I have fostered her for 7 months. She lived with a Senior in Assisted living and had not been housetrained during the almost 7 years. “Miss Smarty Pants” was 22 lbs in March and at her last Vet Visit on 10/4 was 18.0 lbs. We’ve been feeding her 1/3 cup twice daily – regular Organix kibble. When C&P came out with the Weight Management food, we started mixing it with her regular Organix. Molly has lost 4 lbs and is just 2 lbs from her ideal weight. 4 lbs for a small dog is significant. She is going to her Forever home in Redmond, WA. Her new “Mom” – Elaine will continue her program until she reaches 16 lbs. I’ll miss Molly’s sweet personality but it is time for a home of her own.

  24. Corey Swatek says:

    Gizmo can’t wait till Monday when he will only be eating Organix!!

  25. Linda Bahr says:

    Emma started her diet and we walked today 2.5 miles…I hope the picture show is of her pooped out after the walk…We are ver thankful for this program!

  26. debbie says:

    bamdit has just finished his first week of dog on a diet program. He has lost just over half a pound. go bndit

  27. Janice says:

    Well, Rosie finally got her package. The neighbor boy brought it to us on Sunday. 10/9. It went to the neighbor’s house by mistake.

    Got a late start, but we are trying to catch up!

  28. Andrea says:

    Woohoo, here we go! Diablito has been on 3 walks so far this week which is great as he, his brother and cousin are too tired to even bark for treats. Many thanks to my sister who is on board and being very supportive in his effort to get healthy on the Dog-On-Diet program! Good luck to everyone and paws up to you!

  29. Sarah says:

    Haley has now transitioned into Organix food 100%. Yesterday we went on a 2.5 mile hike and are going out again today. We are using part of her food allowance as treats. Going to the vet later today to get weighed and will update again with photos. THANK YOU Castor & Pollux for this wonderful opportunity!

  30. Heather Jacobs says:

    Daphnie received her package September 29th. She wanted the rawhide before I could even get it out the wrapper. Her 14 month old human sister loved the box and bubble wrap : ) Daphnie will be 10 November 21st and has struggled with her weight the last 8 years. She has always been on good food such as Natural Balance and Merrick, but she is not that active. When Daphnie was 4 months, she severely broke her left leg. She had two surgeries, but they never took and the bottom of her leg is rotated out. I have always babied her, so she didn’t have to put much strain on her leg. Daphnie is my medical baby. Last year, she almost died from Hemorrhagic GastroEnteritis and this September she was diagnosed with hormonal incontinence. At her vet visit September 20th she weighted 10.8 pounds. I took her back October 3rd and weighed 9.2 lbs. It is very exciting. I know that loosing weight will alleviate some stress on her leg and only make her healthier.

  31. Sarah says:

    Haley first went to the vet on Sept 19th and she weighed 71 pounds. She received her box on Oct 3 and today was the first day she is on Organix completely. I took her to the vet today to get a “starting” weight and she weighs 69 pounds. YEAH! The scale is going in the right direction. Today we took a 3 mile hike around Cathedral Rock and now she is exhausted. :) good exhausted!

  32. Heather Jacobs says:

    Hey everyone!
    I am just giving an update on Daphnie. Unfortunately, Daphnie has been sneaking food from my 15 month old daughter. She has gained 6 oz, but im not too worried since she had lost a little over a pound the first week. She is having a hard time going for walks, even short distances. We did some water exercise this morning in the bath tub. She is eating 1/3 cup of food a day, along with a spoonful of Merrick’s senior medley (I have to hide her PPA pill in it) Overall, she is doing well and I look forward to seeing her outcome. I hope all the other doggies are doing well!

  33. Sarah says:

    4 mile hike today around Cathedral Rock and Bell Rock! Haley is a bit tired, but she held up great! :) Can’t wait to get her weighed on Monday to see how she is doing. Keep up the good work everyone!

  34. EILEEN says:


  35. debbi says:

    Bandit is doing well on the dog on a diet program. Although he still likes to sit on the couch with his papa and watch tv as much as he can, he is walkin further and further every day. He has his favorite houses where he knows the squirrles live. He will run from one house to the other stand at the bottom of the tree and bark….he does not know that this makes them hide!!! He has also lost a whole pound……………

  36. Heather says:

    Hey everyone!
    Here is another update on how Daphnie is doing on her diet. Well, we are having a little bit of a hard time. She is loving the food, but is not loving the walks. She only wants to walk a little ways and then she will just stop and lay down. I will carry her for a bit and then let her down again. She is almost 10 and every Fall, her leg starts to bother her more :( We have tried water therapy, which I will continue to do, since its less stress on her leg. I have noticed she is a little more perky when she is outside going potty and runs up the stairs to come back inside. I have not weighed her yet this week, but I am hoping she has lost the few ounces she gained. I hope all they other doggies are doing well.

  37. debbie ward says:

    Bandit continues to do well on his dog on a diet program. He has lost a total of one pound. That is quite a bit for such a small dog. His ideal weight should be 10 to 11 pounds, so he has a ways to go. He is determined!!! He dreaams about being named the winner. Everyday he walks further and further and has more energy. He is always asking if he has won yet and is waiting to collect his prize.

  38. debbie ward says:

    bandit continues to do well on his dog on a diet program. He can run further and faster. Jump higher and keep up with the squirrels as they tease him from the tree tops. We took him to the vet’s office to use their scales. He weighed in at 15.10 pounds. He started at 17 pounds in June, but since October he has lost just about one pound, He seems to be holding there but it is still eary in the race. We would like to see him get to 11 pounds. His brother Rusty went with us to the vet, his brother has lost 3 pounds since December. We feed rusty the same food as bandit in the same amount, Rusty has always been much more active than Bandit, but Bandit is starting to be more playful. Both of our boys get castour and pollux weight management food and only castour and pollux organic cookies. They both have much shinery and softer coats. Cant wait to see what the next few weeks bring.!!!

  39. jennifer says:

    Hello fellow weight-loss dog-parents and castor and pollux fans! Just want to say how grateful we are to have this opportunity to help our buddy, Sgt. Pepper get back to a healthy weight. He is so special and we want him to enjoy a long and healthy life. His progress since he transitioned from a mix of castor & pollux’s ultramix and organix has been swift and amazing! He has lost 3 lbs, and has about 5 more to go to acheive the high end of his ideal weight range. His energy level is wonderful and he just seems so happy! It is so nice to observe this with him and with the other participants!

  40. debbie ward says:

    bandit has just finished his 5th week of dog on a diet. Although he still seems to be holding at 15 pounds his energy level is up. Wednesday bandit took a very long walk to his favorite park and found many birds and squirrles. He ran and ran, he ran so much he hurt his little paw, Today he had no walk, because we wanted him to rest his paw. I also think that he is a little tired from his big day yesterday.

  41. debbie ward says:

    Bandit is just finishing week 6 on his dog on a diet program. The weight is slow to come off, but he is still holding on at 15 pounds, He actually has a waist now and you can see slimming in his shoulders. He also has a neck!!!. His energy level is still up and now now walk a mile a day without heavily panting. His tummy still looks like it is full of puppies, but no longer drags the ground. He looks healthier and happier. His breathing is so much better, It used to be somewhat labored but not any more. He is actually starting to play with the toys is his toy box, but if you catch him he will stop because he knows you are watching!!! Maybe this week we can break the 15 pound mark.

  42. debbie ward says:

    bandit continues his quest to lose weight. The weight loss has come to a stand still, but he looks better and better. He now has a waist, which we have not seen in a very long time he has a neck and is slimming at the chest. if he could do sit ups he might even lose his belly. He looks so much better he is more alert and startng to become more playful. He is learning that this is a life style change and has to say good bye to pizza and cheese burgers. He now gets bites of carrot apple or pear for a snack, and seems to be okay with that. He really wants bragging rights that he won the dog on a diet contest so he will keep on trying, Even so he will have a much longer, happier and healthier life with his new feeding life style. Thank you Castour and Pollux, Bandit says he loves for that.

  43. debbie ward says:

    bandit can’t believe the “dog on a diet” is almost over. I am sure he is thinking he can finally go back to eating what ever he wants and being a lazy slug. BUT mama has news for him,,,,The answer is NO He has done so well. So far he has lost a total of 2 pounds. But it is not just about the weight loss, it is about his over all healthier life style. He can walk a mile a day which is quite a lot for a dog with such short legs. If papa is even one minute later for his walk than bandit wants he is raising a fuss, and when bandit talks trust me every one listens. We can’t express enough thanks to castor and pollux for such a great oppertunity. We have a healthy and active little guy. He will continue with his quest for the rest of his life. we at least 2 more pounds to lose and maybe 3 we are never going to stop with this new life style. THANKS AGAIN. We tell every one about your wonderful product and how it has impacted our little guys life.

  44. debbie ward says:

    bandit (dog on a diet) coninues to do well, his weight is at a stand still but he is still on his quest to finish what he started to get to a healthy weight, He spends as much time as he can running and playing at the park. Mostly chasing squirrels and running through fallen leaves. I think he will be glad when the weather warms up, it is hard to walk very far when it is so cold. But he is much happier and healthier now and he is greatful for that. Bandit wants to tell everyone Merry Christmas

  45. debbie ward says:

    well this is the final week for dog on a diet and Bandit says he is glad. He thinks he is going back to his old way of eating, but that is NOT going to happen. Both of our little guys and been following the rules for dog on a diet and are doing amazing. Rusty and Bandit are brothers same papa and different mamas. Rusty is built like his mama long and lean, Bandit is built like his mama short and squat. Bandit is more broad than Rusty so he will never be long and lean but he is healthier now. Although the vet says he should weigh about 11 pounds according size and breed I don’t know if that will ever happen. I would be happy to see him at 12 pounds. His current weight is 14 pounds he started and just a little over 16 pounds. He has not lost any weight over the past couple of weeks, but he has not gained any either. He is much healthier and more active. As the last week will be over soon, he will still do his best to get more excercise and stay on his diet, Best of luck to all the pups, but BANDIT REALLY WANTS TO WIN

  46. debbie ward says:

    dog on a diet is just about finished, this was a fun easy program to follow. It has amazing benefits and results. We did not make our ideal weight goal but did quite wll. We need to lost a total of 5 or 6 pounds and los 2. But for such 5 to 6 pounds is quite a bit for such a small dog. So we are happy with the results of 2 pounds for a 12 week program. We will continue our quest until we meet and maintain our 10 to 11 pound weight goal. Then bandit will truly be the biggest loser. With thanks and love Bandit (dog on a diet) Rusty Debbie and Rick

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