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Happy 5th Anniversary Varro!

0 Comments 12 May 2011

I am more and more amazed as I learn about animals that can be trained to help people live safer, better lives. Dogs can help a blind person “see”, help relieve anxiety and stress, and according to new research being conducting, there’s a possibility that dogs can actually tell us if we have certain forms of cancer. It’s amazing that these four-legged heroes walk among us all the time, every day. I think my favorite unsung heroes by far are the Police K-9 teams.

Today I’d like to introduce you to one of my favorite heroes, Varro and his handler K-9 Officer Deputy Todd Weber. Today, May 12th is Varro’s 5th anniversary of being certified. Over the past five years, the team has been busy protecting the folks of Multnomah County, Oregon. To date Varro has made over 89 captures. It’s hard to imagine the kind of sacrifice that the officer the officer’s family has to make to become part of a K-9 team. The pressures that go along with taking on the responsibilities of a canine unit – integrating the dog into the family, additional training after hours, competitions, etc. can really add up.

As you’ll see in a future post, Varro has won many awards and has many distinctions. On top of winning on the job, he has a winning personality. His handler, Todd, describes Varro as confident and extremely well-balanced – which means he can get the job done (which is important), but he’s also a joy to be around. Todd has brought him into the Castor & Pollux office, and Varro knows that he’s around friends, and because of that he’s able to relax have fun (his favorite toy is a stuffed moose).

Varro, we want to congratulate you on your anniversary (perhaps with a box of your favorite, Organix Chicken Cookies), and thank you Todd for all of your hard work. Keep an eye out for the upcoming extended video interview with Todd and Varro this June!


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Debra Shelley works at Castor & Pollux Pet Works and part of her job is to work with organizations whose focus is pet adoption. Along with working with these many organizations at work, she has volunteered with the Feral Cat Coalition and sat on the Board for Dogpaw, an off-leash park group in Washington State.

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