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Dog-on-Diet Week 9 Update

0 Comments 15 December 2011

Dog-on-Diet Week 9 Update


Hi everyone! We have missed everybody! With a terrible wind storm we lost our power last week for 5 days! We live in a grove of redwood trees and had many huge limbs come down! So we were unable to keep in touch with our dog-on-diet friends! We did the best we could to keep up our walks and had a great Thanksgiving. We did not cook a turkey here so Shooter did not have to be tormented with the Thanksgiving smells! We just got back from Shooters weigh in at Felton Vet and are very pleased that Shooter has lost almost 2 pounds this past week!! He is down to 92 pounds!! We continue to see his energy increase and are so pleased with his changes since he has been on the program! Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!!



Maizey continues to do well on her diet. She is loosing less weight but she is a large dog and I realize she will loose less as time goes on. She looks great, has more energy and is healthier now. I am really glad she was able to participate.













Tator Tot

Tator Tot is officially down 2 lbs from the start of his weight loss journey!!!  Last week he was 14.1 lbs and today he is 13.7 lbs.  He looks so much like a different dog, I just can’t remember the last time he looked so slim!  :)  We finally got some cold weather here, so now Tator Tot likes to snuggle under a blanket to keep him warm since he lost his weight.






















Tallulah has lost weight.  Not a lot but it’s going in the right direction.  Her weight today 12/8 is 34.5  – She has a MUCH higher energy level.  She just wants to go for walks and run around.  She has been PULLING me.  I’m thinking pretty soon I’ll have to purchase an easy walk harness.  I just love the new Tallulah!  The way she is now is the way I want her to always be.  She is sassy, wants to play with me and have cuddle time.  The look in her eye and the way her face changes when we are out on our walks brings me joy because I know she feels good.  :-)






















My darling little Ann has had a rather stressful week. She suffers from “small dog syndrome,” meaning that she likes to pick fights with dogs four to five times her size (because we all know there’s nothing more threatening than a fluffy little dog with a pink tail wearing a sweater). But only if she knows I’m right behind her to protect her. Anyway, she went after a HUGE dog that walking in its own front yard on a leash. Annie slipped out of her collar and when the dog reacted, Annie realized that since her collar was not on, I was not there to protect her. She took off running (faster than I ever thought she could) and I had to chase her down the street to put her collar back on. Then we had to go back apologize to the lady and her dog. On the plus side, all that extra exercise has helped Annie get just a little closer to her weight goal–she weighed in at 17.5 this week!















Bandit continues to thrive on his Dog-on-Diet program.  He looks so healthy now and has so much energy.  Both Bandit and Rusty have been eating Castor & Pollux Organix Weight Management since June of this year.  Both of our boys have been to their vet in the last week.  The vet is so impressed at both pups progress.  The vet even asked what have we’ve been doing differently since December of 2010. I proudly stated that they have been eating your Organix food only for the past 6 months, and for treats they get your treats only and pieces of apple or carrots for snacks.  The vet was very impressed and told us to keep up the good work.  The vet said not only do they look great they have both lost a good deal of weight and have amazing coats shiny and soft.  They have great energy levels and are very alert.  The vet says bandit and Rusty would make GREAT spokes dogs for the Castor and Pollux Weight Management food

















This week we are still on holding at 12 lbs. I am happy she holding her own but would have like to reported a little weight loss, but we will not complain!! We still go on our walks and Emma has so much energy it is not funny….I am having trouble keeping up with her. I want her energy, if I could only jar it and give it to everyone they would be so happy!! We are keeping with the diet no extra treats…I even bought her a slow-down bowl and it helps to slow her down at meal time. I am going to put up the Christmas tree this week and it should be fun with Emma stealing all the  She is a lot of fun and I enjoy every minute we have together!! I spend most of my day laughing she is such a joy! Well I hope all the pups had a good week and till next week take care!





















We didn’t do a weigh in this week, but Lady is doing really well. It rained for something like 5 days straight so we have done a lot of indoor playtime!! With there not being enough room inside to get up to a run, I’m starting to see the possibility of those jumping beans other dog on diet parents have mentioned!! It’s so funny and cute to see!! She hopped clear over her sister Halo like she was track hurdle!!! I would consider an 8 yr old overweight 80+ lb dog being able to hurdle her 50lb sister a victory in her getting healthy!!  By the end of this I would really love to see Lady be able to navigate the staircase solo!!












Things are status quo with Haley this week, not a whole lot to report. Still doing great with the food and minimal treats! The weather has been extremely cold here in Sedona so the hikes have been cut back. Highs in the 20’s & 30’s were not very good hiking temps! Still getting exercise in the house playing with Annie every day! Hope the rest of the group had a good week!
















Rascal seems to be leveling off with his weight loss, but he continues to get more muscle definition. (I haven’t had him to the vet to weigh him as I can’t lift him into my truck!-have to wait for one of my kids to be home so I can borrow one of their ‘low’ cars!) His energy level is through the roof! It’s so funny to see a huge dog running around as if he’s a little puppy! His tail is always wagging, and he’s gotten very vocal when he wants to play, which is pretty much all the time.

This week’s picture is of my two boys getting ready to take a well-earned nap after a walk in the cold air. As you can see, Rascal is using Lucky as his pillow! Whenever they lay down, no matter where they are, they always have to be touching, even if it’s just one foot, or their tails. It’s very cute how attached they are to one another.













Well, I was sure that Jules was going to have gained weight this week because I have caught her several times trying to sneak the kitty food (the kitten gets soft food and Jules just can’t resist the idea of it). But I took her today to get weighed and she is down to 78.4!!! When we started this she was 84.4 so it is a total of 6 lbs that she has lost since starting this journey. I could not be more excited! I am pretty sure she couldn’t either 😉 I am so proud of her and can’t wait to see how much healthier she is going to get.












Rosie and I have been bonding more since she entered the Dog-on-Diet program. She is so vocal when I put on her collar and leash! She loves to go outside. Her only drawback is that she is allergic to the grass. She likes to do the seal walk and scratch her belly. I have noticed that she can climb her stairs to bed better than before. Here is a picture of her taking a nap!












It’s a miracle…in more ways than one! Josephine was injured by a bigger dog a couple weeks ago and had a punctured lung along with a bad gash on her side. She is doing really great now and all healed up! The other miracle is that she did not gain any weight! She got some extra treats so she could take medicine and her appetite was the same…huge!! Amazingly Jo weighs 13.5 lbs this week and she is spunky as ever! One tough little doggy she is!!! We LOVE our little Jo!!!














K-9 Blog Stardate December 8th, 2011


The newness of going for a walk has worn off.  The word of the week is lazy.  Prue still has a ton of energy inside the house but has decided this week she doesn’t want to walk past the end of the block.  Three times she has plopped her butt down once we got ready to cross the street..completely refusing to move until I say “let’s go home”.  Then once home she wants to play …hopefully I will be the pack leader this week…. Yeah right.

Until next time…

K-9 Blog out














It has been getting pretty cold lately – we have not been going for as many walks. Partly because next week is finals week for me here at OSU and partly because of the brutal chill outside in the mornings! Regardless, Blitzen is still doing great. After we reached his goal weight I was able to up the food to 1/2 cups a day while still seeing him stick at 44 lbs! Hope all the other contestants have a happy holiday.


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