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Dog-on-Diet Week 8 Update

1 Comment 02 December 2011

Dog-on-Diet Week 8 Update


We hope you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving! Haley has been doing well, going on hikes and playing a lot. Since cutting back her food, Haley has lost more weight and now weighs in at 65 pounds! Yeah! She now races her sister Annie on the trails and looks forward to the daily outdoor/hike time. The first picture is at naptime on Thanksgiving and as you can tell from the second picture, she is exhausted by the time she gets to the top of the trail! Thank you again to Castor & Pollux for this opportunity to get healthier and congratulations to all the participants, keep up the GREAT work!














Tator Tot

This has been the best week thus far for Tator Tot.  He is down .3lbs from last week!!  Last week he was at 14.4 lbs and today he is 14.1 lbs.  I’m sure next week if he keeps up his weight loss trend, he will be in the 13lb range!  This week Tator Tot continues to walk to school every morning with my son and I, and he is still playing with his doggie cousins.  Another bonus with his weight loss is that he is now no longer snoring!  He sleeps better and I sleep better too.  :)


















We’re continuing to see progress with Rascal. His weight loss has slowed down, (only lost a little over a pound this week) but there are some obvious positive changes going on. We can now actually feel Rascal’s ribs! Also, when you look at him from above, instead of him bulging out at the sides, kinda like a fat sweet potato, he actually has a prominent waistline. This is a huge accomplishment for him (and us!)

For Rascal’s picture this week, I thought I’d share a picture of him from the day we got him from the shelter. You can see why we had no choice but to bring him home with us! Who could resist a face like that?!













Cody James is doing SO well!!!! He had the flu one day this week, but he STILL managed to loose 4 pounds! Yeah!!! So here is a picture of him sporting his outfit for Christmas and to see Santa.
















Duchess had a great time visiting Grandma in Chicago this week.

Grandma has some toys for the baby and Duchess thinks the playmat is for her! She keeps stealing the monkey toy- silly girl! Dad is traveling for work and she is very excited that he comes home tomorrow. She misses her daddy!
















Molly’s weight is holding steady at 16 pounds.  At least she got through Thanksgiving without putting any weight on.  We had 10 family members over for dinner that day but everyone was careful not to give her any people food treats.  I think we need to up her exercise program to jump start her weight loss again.  We need to walk regardless of the weather.  Her goal weight is 15 pounds so she is so close and yet so far.  Speaking of Thanksgiving, we are very thankful that we were able to rescue her.  She is a wonderful dog and here is a picture of her enjoying some rare November sunshine.












Well Jules’ weight hasn’t changed any from last week. But, probably also because I hadn’t taken her for long walks this week either. After Thanksgiving it has been hard, but we will just keep on truckin’ along. She still seems playful and energetic. She is down to 2 cups of Organix a day and she still loves her food. This year for Thanksgiving I was good. I realized she doesn’t need the food, what she needs is me to be thankful to have her in my life, and I am. Extremely. I am also thankful for this program. It has been eye opening to see what changes I needed (and still need) to make. It has also been fun. So I thank you. Well, until next week :)













bandit has had a very busy week. On Monday he walked his papa to the park.  In fact in actually pulled him all the way there, Bsndit is very strong willed and very smart,  Papa asked which way are we going bandit and bandit was off and running.  The park is in the opposite direction that they normally walk, but because they frequently go to this park bandit knows the way.  With fall upon us many of the trees have lost all of their leaves and the park is covered.  Bandit spent at least an hour running through the leaves and chasing squirrels.  He had so much fun, running and running.  He ran so much that he again hurt his paw.  On Wednesday we took bandit to the vet for his yearly check up and booster shots.  The biggest surprise was ours!!!  On November 7 bandit weighed in at 15.2 pounds, on Wednesday he weighed in at 14 pounds.  We were so excited because the scale has seemed to just stand still.  The vet was very happy and to told bandit to keep up the good work.  Thank you Castor & Pollux for giving me back my baby boy.













Well Lady is at 83.4 today, which is surprising to me. I figured she would have gained it all back from Thanksgiving. I’ve gotten to where I can resist her sad little pleading eyes, but my family members aren’t quite as good at it and thought all dogs deserve a Thanksgiving dinner too!! Normally I would agree, but this year I hadn’t planned on it because of the diet. She is only up .2 since her last weigh in, so I guess it could have been worse. She still has a super shiny coat and increased energy level. She plays more with the other dogs at the park, even getting in on a game of chase with the youngsters!! It’s a very slow process, but so far we are happy with it, even if it takes 6 months to reach her ideal weight I’m pretty patient and know her health is well worth it!!


















This week there is no weight loss…but we are keeping off the weight! We are going on our walks when it don’t rain and play indoors when it does…Emma really loves being outside. In the summer we spend most of our time in the yard searching for things I don’t think she even but she has a lot of fun doing so. We have started to decorate for Christmas and Emma seems drawn to move the angels around that are on my porch…lol I think she wants to get in on the decorating Hey maybe she be better at it then me…lol Well I hope all the pups had a good week and Don’t forget to check out C & P fb account..where you can read more about all the pups…Have a great weekend!




















Diablito is looking more handsome than ever since being on the Dog-On-Diet! He actually has a ‘V’ shape body going on and haven’t seen that in over a year and a half! His energy level is crazy and heaven help us if we don’t take him out on a daily walk!
















K-9’s Blog Stardate November 24th, 2011

Prue has officially renamed Thanksgiving “Hell Week”.  Between the smells of baking carcasses coming from other households to the pure torture of the overwhelming aroma oozing from our own deep pitted roast … Prue wanted to abandon ship.  Ill admit that I did give her a sample which was definitely not on the diet…but I saw a look in her eyes that said “I would tase you and eat the roast off your lifeless body if I could “.   Needless to say, I mopped up more drool in a couple days than I would imagine most see in a lifetime.  I’m hoping things get back to normal drool levels soon… Just in time for the next big holiday meal.  Until then… Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Take care and happy dieting co-dieters!

K-9 Blog out.













Tallulah did something she has not done in over a year!  She jumped up onto the sofa and sat with me.  She is still holding at that 37 pound marker but you can see in her girth that she is leaner.  I will post a picture of her later today.  Yay Tallulah!!!  ^-^


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  1. debbie ward says:

    bandit continues to thrive on his dog on a diet program. He looks so healthy now and has so much enery. Both Bandit and Rusty have been eating castor and pollux organix weight management since June of this year. Both of our boys have been to their vet in the last week. The vet is so impressed at both pups progress. The vet even asked what have we been doing differently since December of 2010. I proudly stated that they have been eating your organix food only for the past 6 months, and for treats they get your treats only and pieces of apple or carrots for snacks. The vet was very impressed and told us to keep up the good work. The vet said not only do they look great they have both lost a good deal of weight and have amazing coats shinny and soft. They have great energy levels and are very alert. The vet says bandit and Rusty would make GREAT spokes dogs for the Castor and pollux weight management food

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