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Dog-on-Diet Week 7 Update

1 Comment 28 November 2011

Dog-on-Diet Week 7 Update


I’m so excited to tell you about Diablito’s update on the Dog-On-Diet! Tuesday was his weigh-in day at the Vet’s Office and can you believe he has lost 2 pds! When he first was placed on the scale, he weighed 22.9 pds and in order to get a more accurate weight I told the Vet Tech I was going to remove his collar (similar to setting down your purse) and if she didn’t give me a strange look; however, upon removing his collar he weighed in at 22.7 pds! He’s gone from his original weight of 24.8 down to 22.7 – paw pumps to Diablito! Diablito, in this photo taken the same day, is jumping and running alongside the river trying to avoid sliding in the mud. His energy level has improved which can be verified by the cat which will now be inevitably chased while walking through the house! He also rarely breathes as heavy as he did before starting his diet, what a wonderful improvement! My sister keeps commenting on how shiny is his coat which for his breed is especially nice since recommended to only bathe once or twice a month. Have hardly no use for his spray conditioner!

Admittedly, this program has probably been harder on me than anyone else. Having to learn to not feed him people food, treats, etc. took some time but seeing the results has made it so worthwhile. Plus, I’ve also been watching my calories (figure it’s fair since his are being counted), exercising more and unbelievably can now go down a notch on my favorite belt!














Tator Tot

This has been another great week for Tator Tot! Last week he was 14.6lbs and today he is at 14.4 lbs. We haven’t been walking as much this week but my in-laws are in town for Thanksgiving and brought their dogs, so Tator Tot has been playing A LOT more with other dogs as well as our dogs. I’m thankful that he has lost the weight so he now has the energy to play again!

















Happy Thanksgiving! This year, like every other, I am thankful for my furbabbies. I am really thankful this year that Jules is able to participate in this weight loss journey. I am so proud of her. We didn’t do anything out of the ordinary this week, but we have been trying to spend more “mommy-daughter” time. When I took her to get weighed yesterday I actually had a technician help me. It said she is down to 79.8 lbs. That is quite a jump from last week, but since the tech helped me, I will believe it. It is amazing!!! She is finally in the 70’s!!! I am just hoping this trend continues because we are definitely on the right track :-)













Gizmo was sad this week because we cut his daily food intake down and because I left him for 4 days. He’s currently holding at 30lbs.












Annie 3

My darling Annie Ann appears to have plateaued at 18 pounds. But I was looking at her the other day and saw something that I don’t think I’ve ever seen on her: muscle tone! However, she keeps inhaling her food like a starving piglet so I’m going to look into getting one of those “slow feeder” bowls for her to make her chew her food.

The weather has gotten colder here so while we have been going on walks, they’ve been shorter walks than what we’ve previously gone on. But when I changed her sweater this week, I noticed how much weight she has lost. Picture 3 is of Ann in a sweater that I bought for her last year. Last year it was stretched so tight that is was hard to get on her and now it’s so baggy!

Unfortunately, my little piggy went out on Thanksgiving and decided to roll in some questionable organic material so she needed an emergency bath. So since she’s wet, we won’t be able to go on a walk tonight. But there’s always tomorrow!


















Well, it is week 7 and I am so happy and proud to announce that Emma is now 12 lb. Emma started out at 13.8 lb. I am so proud of her!! I was surprised too because of the rain and wind this week again, we had to play indoors a few days, but when it stopped we went out and spent hours walking around the neighborhood greeting everyone along the way, lol. She really loves people!! Thanksgiving we stuck to our diet and had no extra treats. It also helped that I didn’t cook a turkey, so no smells going through the house. I am so thankful to Castor & Pollux for the Dog-on-Diet program! With their help we are actually losing weight and keeping it off! So a very big Thank you! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and till next week!! Much love<3
















Bandit continues his quest to lose weight. The weight loss has come to a standstill, but he looks better and better. He now has a waist, which we have not seen in a very long time he has a neck and is slimming at the chest. If he could do sit ups he might even lose his belly. He looks so much better and he is more alert and starting to become more playful. He is learning that this is a life style change and has to say good bye to pizza and cheese burgers. He now gets bites of carrot apple or pear for a snack, and seems to be okay with that. He really wants bragging rights that he won the Dog-on-Diet contest so he will keep on trying, Even so he will have a much longer, happier and healthier life with his new feeding life style. Thank you Castor & Pollux, Bandit says he loves you for that.













Friends and family are commenting about how good Maizey looks. They have noticed her weight loss. She continues to have lots of energy. I found out with trial and error that her food intake didn’t need to be adjusted. She is a large dog and is maintaining her weight without decreasing her food intake. She loves her new dog food and knows when it’s time to eat. Her family has realized that she is just as happy and healthy without all the extras she used to get. We hope to continue to walk her 3 times a day although the bad weather days are coming may make it tough.














Another busy week, we went to visit her grandparents in Illinois last weekend! To prepare for our visit she and her brother got a bath! Duchess is not such a fan of baths but she loves to run around afterward! She knows she smells good and looks pretty and there’s always a little extra “pep” in her step! Her grandparents spoil her and Baron and they surprised us with a new bed! They also love to sit and watch all the golfers go by the backyard! Grandpa even puts a blanket in that chair so they can snuggle up when they get tired!



















We are thankful for being able to rescue Molly and being able to provide her with a good home. Here she enjoys a rare ray of November sunshine. We are also thankful for the friends and family who traveled to our home for Thanksgiving. We are thankful for our home, for the food on our table and our health.













Rosie is late to post this week! She is so thankful for her brothers and sisters and her human parents. She stayed in the kitchen mostly and got to eat Turkey this year! She did a lot of running in the back yard with her brothers Mike & John. She loves to play in the leaves! Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!!













Just got back from the vet and I am elated to announce that Blitzen now weighs 44.7 lbs!!!!!! His goal weight for his breed/height was initially 45 lbs.

The proof that this Dog-on-Diet program works has not only been evident through the readings on the scale, but the joy and comfort brought back into my dogs life and mine!! He is truly a different dog! Had to buy him a new collar to celebrate the recent loss :)

Hope all of the other pups are as happy with the weight loss as I’ve been. Keep on shedding those pounds guys!!!
















Tallulah lost weight! Yay! She is 35lbs. This makes me so happy because my vet said that if Tallulah did not drop a pound she would have to have her thyroid tested. I also cut her food down to 1/2 cup two times a day with 1/4 cup steamed veggies. She loves her Castor & Pollux kibble with about a half cup of H2O too. Tallulah WILL get down to a healthy 28 pounds. She loves to go out for walks and has also been running a little more. Way to go Tallulah!!! ♥


















We continue to see positive changes in Rascal since starting the Dog-On-Diet challenge. Here he’s relaxing after an invigorating walk in the cool air. He apparently thinks he’s lost more weight than he actually has–thinks he’s a lap dog!! Big milestone this week for Rascal : he went upstairs to the second story of the house, something he hasn’t done in at least two or three years! He was so excited and happy, his tail didn’t stop wagging, and he was doing a funny playful ‘woofing’ sound, almost like he was reading the words “Woof, woof!” We are very proud of him- and thankful to Castor &Pollux for giving us this awesome opportunity!!




















Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving! We have not done an official weigh in for Shooter this week, however we do continue to see the great results of the Organix Weight Management formula. One thing I did notice this week is Shooter used to get stuck in between the seats when he went from the back seat to the front now he can do this without any problem! Just another one of the great results from being on the Dog-on-Diet program! Have a great week and as soon as we get Shooters weigh in results we will let you know!













Today is Daphnie’s 10th birthday! She may cheat on her diet a little bit ; ) It’s snowy and cold out so we are cuddled up inside. I am so thankful to have her as my furry best friend. Christmas eve will mark her being in my life for 10 years! Happy birthday Daph!


Sgt. Pepper

Another great week for us! I have started to reduce his serving size and he is still on a losing streak (in a good way!) He officially is at 80lbs.!!!! This is the high-end of his ideal weight range. This picture is of Sgt. Pepper getting ready to plop down and enjoy his stick. We had just come home from a nice, brisk walk of about 5 miles. Such a nice sunny day that he wanted to chill outside. Hope all of our fellow contestants have had a good week and hope all of the Castor & Pollux fans enjoyed the holiday! Check out the front leg and shoulder muscle definition – it has caught up to his hindquarters! Love this transformation!


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  1. debbie ward says:

    bandit has had a very busy week. On Monday he walked his papa to the park. In fact in actually pulled him all the way there, Bsndit is very strong willed and very smart, Papa asked which way are we gong bandit and bandit was off and running. The park is in the opposite direction that they normally walk, but because they frequently go to this park bandit knows they way. With fall upon us many of the trees have lost all of their leaves and the park is covered. Bandit spent at least an hour running through the leaves and chasing squirrels. He had so much fun, running and running. He ran so much that he again hurt his paw. On Wednesday we took bandit to the vet for his yearly check up and booster shots. The biggest surprise was ours!!! On November 7 bandit weighed in at 15.2 pounds, on Wednesday he weighed in at 14 pounds. We were so excited because the scale has seemed to just stand still. The vet was very happy and to told bandit to keep up the good work. Thank you castour and Pollux for giving me back my baby boy.

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