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Dog-on-Diet Week 5 Update

2 Comments 11 November 2011

Dog-on-Diet Week 5 Update


Lady has had such awesome changes in the month she has been on the Organix food! I can’t believe how shiny her coat is! She was already on a specialty food for skin, but her coat actually looks better with the Castor & Pollux diet!! She is running at the dog park and racing Halo to the ball!! We are so impressed with how Lady is doing we have now switched Halo onto the C &P Ultramix formula. They both LOVE their new foods! I add warm water to Lady’s and it makes this type of gravy. She likes it so much that she literally licks the bowl clean! In fact, she has gotten so spoiled she won’t eat it dry anymore!! We didn’t do a weigh in this week, so I don’t know if she has lost any poundage, but part of me swears I’m starting to see some curves on Ms Fatty Cakes!!!



Emma is doing great on her diet…I measured her on Monday and her Girth was 19 now it is 18…and her neck was 11 inch now it 10 inches….and her weight was 12.8 and now she is 12.3. The weight is coming off!! I am so proud of her. We go on our walks.. we did 3 1/2 miles on each walk…I am hoping to get to 5 miles a day with her…slowly but surely we are doing it…She started her jumping thing she use to do as a puppy, she jumps up and down like she on a pogo stick when she want to go for her walks or dinner…lol on her two back legs.. Of course she does this when I have no cell phone to catch it…Emma loves to play with her toys now also. She has them from one end of the house to the other. I go around picking them all up and putting them back in her toy box..she drags them back out lol I tell her she has to learn to put them back when she is done…lol lol This is the most weight she has lost on any of the other diet foods out there and believe me I have tried them all….Well till next week…I hope all the other pups are doing well!!











Bandit has just finished his 5th week of Dog-on-Diet. Although he still seems to be holding at 15 pounds, his energy level is up. Wednesday Bandit took a very long walk to his favorite park and found many birds and squirrels. He ran and ran, he ran so much he hurt his little paw, Today he had no walk, because we wanted him to rest his paw. I also think that he is a little tired from his big day yesterday.



















Well, I have disappointing news this week. I just got back from weighing Jules and she has gained 1.2 lbs from last week. I haven’t changed anything, but like I had mentioned last week, her energy level has gone back down. I had also mentioned that I rescued a stray kitten that was only 3 weeks old and has taken a lot of my time. I am not sure if it has had some effect on Jules, but it seems as though it may have. I bought a laser pointer to use to try and get her to run around in the house when it’s cold or rainy (because for being a big girl, she is a big baby when it comes to getting wet) and her excitement with it lasted about 10 seconds. She realized my hand was moving and she gave me the look of “do you seriously think I am that stupid that I don’t see you working that thing? Well, I have had enough!” and so that was that. On a good note, my shih tzu and adult cat love it. So money not totally wasted 😉 I realize when I take her places such as Petsmart, she is excited and prances around. So I have made a vow to try and get her out and about more. Hopefully that will help dwindle the waistline. I have had people tell me that you can actually see her waistline now, so something has to be working. She does like to work on her tan in hopes she will be able to show off her bikini body soon. Sadly, she is more interested in working on the tan than she is in working on the body. Well, I hope that next week we will have better news to report. I am still very happy with her effort though and thank you for the wonderful food :-) Until next week.



















Molly has mastered a new athletic skill! She can now jump up on the couch! Earlier her legs were too weak to propel her belly off the ground but between losing some weight and all the walks we’ve gone on, she did it! She surprised me by landing on my lap and nearly spilling my coffee! Here’s a picture of her up on the couch. She’s so proud that she has her paw raised in a salute to herself. Molly is down a full pound this week to 16 pounds! With a goal weight of 15 pounds, she is getting there! Way to go, Molly! Time for another walk?












Maize is doing great on the Organix Weight Management food. I had to adjust her walking harness because of the weight loss. She is getting about an hour walk a day. She loves walking so this isn’t hard to do. She has gotten used to having some of the food as treats. She is so much fun even though there is less to love.



















Well it’s been a good week for Haley. She has adjusted great to her food, no issues. She seems to be happy and active. The rain and snow in Sedona this week put a damper on our outdoor activities, but we are squeezing in some good hikes before the next storm hits this weekend. We will weigh her again next week and hoping for a loss!!!













I took Annie to the vet on Saturday and he said that the rash was most likely seasonal allergies. Unfortunately, the medicine he put her on makes her drowsy–not the best side effect for a dog who needs to lose weight. He also mentioned that she has many of the signs of Cushings Syndrome (something I’ve often wondered if she had). All the more reason to help her lose weight! But some good news did come out of this. He weighed Annie Ann and said that she was down to about 18 pounds!

Also, the weather here has not been cooperating. It was really nice this last weekend, but the last few days have been cold and damp. So the pictures are of what Ann has been doing most of the week, chowing down and sleeping. But when she’s sleeping, I have noticed that she looks a little more like a dog and a little less like a pot-bellied pig!



















Tator Tot

This has been another great week for Tator Tot. Tator Tot still loves his weight management food, and really enjoys his good buddy rawhide bone. Last week he was 14.9lbs today he is 14.8lbs. Not a big change from week to week, but for him to lose weight at all is awesome! I’m almost at the point where we need to adjust his collar size to the next spot smaller again! Tator Tot has so much more energy now that he has lost some weight, he’s even running more often on our walks to school and doesn’t seem as tired when we get home as he used to.
















Rascal is continuing to show an overall improvement. His energy level is through the roof! We find ourselves moving items in the house so that they don’t get knocked over or broken—things that we were never worried about before! (We don’t care, it’s a good trade-off!) No knick-knacks, candleholders, even books are left near the edge of any table, because when this big guy gets to running and cuts a close corner, he takes out whatever is within ‘sweeping distance’ of his tail. He gets so close, it’s like he’s bending himself around corners! It’s hysterical to watch, especially since it’s been so long and he’s so determined to get whatever it is he’s after at the time (usually Lucky).

Our 18-yr. old cat, Tiger doesn’t seem very pleased with Rascal’s new-found energy. Rascal has always been very laid-back and Tiger wasn’t ever intimidated by him, even considering the huge size difference. Well, that’s all changed now. Yesterday I heard all kinds of commotion in the living room, more than the usually ‘Rascal-chase-Lucky, then Lucky-chase-Rascal.’ I go into the room only to find both dogs double-teaming poor Tiger. They had him cornered, and Rascal was very dramatically reacting to every little flinch Tiger would make in his attempts to make a break for it! Tiger had the most pathetic little yowl going, I thought the poor guy was gonna have a heart attack! (Yes, I scooped him up, comforted him, and took him to safety!) He was never really in any danger (at least I don’t think so!)- I seriously doubt if either one of the dogs would even know what to do with him if they ever caught him!

This week’s picture is of the two dogs wrestling. I don’t think the picture does it justice, but it’s fun to actually see in person. They are so goofy sometimes, but smart enough to mainly wrestle ON THE BED! Kinda smart, actually; no one gets hurt, and when Rascal gets over-bearing and crazy, Lucky jumps off the bed and takes a breather. When he’s ready to go another round, he jumps back up, and they’re at it again. Tails are wagging the whole time. No growling or real biting, just horsing around. I’m sure they’re a little stir-crazy since the weather has been making it harder to get out for a nice long walk.












We’ve had some wet and cold days and as you can imagine, our long dogs are not fans! Duchess actually loves climbing in snow banks but this cold rainy stuff is no fun! We go out for walks and she looks at me like “Really, mom? Do I have to?” We are working on playing inside to get some extra exercise!

I attached some photos from one of our nighttime walks.

There are also some photos of Duchess and her brother Baron laying in a sun spot- one of their favorite past times!



K-9’s blog stardate November 9, 2011

Despite our less than glorious weigh in revealing a supposed loss of only .8 lbs… Prudence continues on her quest to conquer the line of clothing in the single letter category (L instead of XXL).

Prudence has been exploring other worlds that exist around the block.. Places she could not make it to before for lack of power to her engines…. Prue is excited to conquer other life forms that may exist even further down the solar system but realizes it may take some time.

Congrats to all other K-9 commanders in this contest and their progress …. More blogs and pics to follow.

K-9 Blog out.












We are very proud of Shooter this week! His weigh in showed a loss of 2 pounds! Yay! We are very happy. His energy level is staying up there as we’ve been trying to increase the distance of his walks. We have some wet weather in the forecast this week, so we will have to do our best to get those walks in! As far as the handouts go I still catch myself wanting to do this but it has gotten easier. The other dogs seem to have improved with their jumping energy and Shooter has too. There are two logs to go over to get to the river and instead of stopping and stepping over them, Shooter now will jump over them! This is great to see! Have a great week everyone!











I am finally able to announce that I have seen that boost of energy in Daphnie. She is still very lazy, but she makes more of an effort to run, especially up the stairs when coming in from going potty. I am still hoping for more, but I am proud of her : ) All the other dogs look great and I am proud of them too!
















Sgt. Pepper

Sgt. Pepper started at 88lbs. His ideal weight is 75-80lbs. He ran and played, ran and played…. you get the idea…and is down 5.8 lbs!!! I did not know the little curvy area near the belly and hips is called the “tuck” – well, it is fully visible now and he is in the highest of spirits. His activity level is well above what it was as a 5 month old puppy. I am happy to see the other participants are having similar experiences….particularly with the jumping!! Castor & Pollux, did you slip jumping beans into this Weight Management formula, or what?



























Blitzen is still doing great!! This morning after my alarm went off (he knows what it sounds like and what it means btw) I hear a loud tail thumping beside my bed – I turn to the side and he jumps up on my bed! He has rarely jumped, let alone woken up before me in quite some time!! Loving this program, so excited to see everyone seeing some results :)


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  1. EILEEN says:

    Tallulah is doing very well. She’s been on lots of walks this past week and we’ve been to the doggie park a couple of times too. We did try to go around the park twice but that was too much for those little legs of her. She loves her food and has gotten used to not getting any treats. Off to the vet next week for a weight in.

  2. Janice says:

    Rosie weighed in at Petsmart today. She actually lost 4 ozs!

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