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Dog-on-Diet Week 4 Update

1 Comment 04 November 2011

Dog-on-Diet Week 4 Update


Molly and I have been walking longer and longer each day. She is up to about an hour’s walk most days now and she has lost a half pound this week! She is down to 17 pounds even with a goal of 15 pounds. She has much more stamina and is so much more playful than she has been with the reduction in weight. She might not be in runway shape yet but here is a picture of her modeling the latest in fall foul weather gear.


Tator Tot

Tator Tot is still doing pretty good on his diet. Last week he was 15lbs, today he is at 14.9lbs. Slowly but surely he is loosing some weight. We had a cold front at the end of the week, but that doesn’t stop Tator Tot from wanting to go for his walks with us to school every morning.
















Well, we were on vacation all last week but the dogs were well taken care of. Haley stuck to her diet food and was on limited treats while we were away. She didn’t get out to exercise like usual, but we were at the vet yesterday to get weighed and she didn’t gain any weight. She is still at a 2 pound weight loss, but a 2 pound loss is better than gaining. We will get back on the exercise regimen and get her weight rechecked in a couple of weeks. I think it’s best not to keep weighing her too much because if she doesn’t lose any weight, it’s very easy to get discouraged and fall back into the same old patterns that got us here in the first place. To all of the dogs and their parents, keep up the good work!!!














This week Emma got to play in the snow…well eat it…she loves to eat snow. Emma weighed the same this week and we are happy about that. She didn’t gain!! On Halloween night we handed out candy and Emma received some extra attention, she was in heaven!! I notice that Emma is out-walking me now…she stops to let me catch up to her. She loves her walks and loves to chase anything that moves….squirrels, ducks, birds and rabbits. We do 2 to 3 miles every day and when we come home she loves to crawl up in her bed and rests…I am so glad we are having beautiful weather this week. So we will be out more than in this week!! Till next week…Have a great weekend!!<3













Duchess’s weight loss has kind of stalled out, she can’t seem to get below 16 lbs. We are going to try to step up her exercise and activity level but these cold rainy days make it hard. :/ She’s had a good week and is most definitely more active. My husband and I didn’t realize how sedentary the dogs had gotten. They are only 3 years old and still have a lot of puppy in them but they were sleeping A LOT! Now they are playing more often and we are seeing their old puppy energy back and it’s really exciting and refreshing! Duchess has never been much of a toy dog but we are finding her in the toy box more and more! I took some video of her playing with her favorite toy and I’m going to try to post it on Facebook!






















Well we have had an interesting week. We found a 3 week old stray kitten at work last week and so I took it home to foster it back to health. I think it has had some effect on Jules. I think she misses me when I am spending time in the other room with the kitten and she seems a little more down and less energetic this week. I just got back from weighing her and she is down .2 lbs to 82.4 lbs. Not as much of a loss as hoped, but to be honest I will take anything right now as long as she is on the right track to health and happiness. She has probably just hit her “biggest loser week 2 plateau”. It happens to the best of them on that show and I know she will continue to do a great job getting healthy. She still seems to love her food and she tells me every day (ok, not really. I am not Dr. Doolittle) that she is so happy she was chosen for this program. So, from Jules and I, we thank you and can’t wait to update you next week :)














Gizmo discovered that he loves rolling in broken coffee beans this week. He also got a new house mate which he is sort of okay with. And we had the scare of possible fleas this week. :S














She has lost another whole pound this week and I’m finally starting to see a waist on her–something I haven’t seen, well, ever. She did get in a little trouble this week when I caught her taking treats right out of Maddie’s mouth! Even after I caught her at it once, she turned around and did it again so she had to have a time out outside while Maddie ate her food (which Annie will eat in addition to her own if no one is watching).



I feel I need to give a little background on Josephine because we don’t have a lot of exciting outside activities to share. When we rescued Josephine we were told there was a little dog hiding in the woods near our house. We spent almost a week trying to catch the elusive and very frightened little dog. She ran from us until one day after we had basically given up hope that we would catch her because we had not seen her for a couple days…then we spotted her in a neighbor’s yard. We had her cornered in their fence but, she still kept running from us. Finally my husband sat down and she came to him and rolled over on her back! We scooped her up and took her home. She was VERY thin weighing only 6.5 pounds. Since that time she has been spayed, etc and she of course LOVES to eat so, we have possibly spoiled her a bit since she has more than doubled her weight! It has been just over a year and half since Josephine came to us. She is still very timid and runs from strangers. She does not like strange places or strange people so she rarely leaves our home unless it is to go to the vet. Her activities are restricted to playing with our other dogs. We do rescue so the numbers vary but, currently there are nine total. For this reason the diet and weight management in terms of food is especially important.

With that said Josephine is doing great and we are very pleased with the results so far and this opportunity from Castor and Pollux! I’m attaching a picture of Josephine when she was just a little Pumpkin!
















I can’t believe it!! Lady is running now!!! I haven’t seen Fatty Cakes run in years!!! It happened on Thursday, 10-28. We were at the dog park. She was racing little sister Halo to the ball and actually got to it first, twice!!! Daddy and I were so happy we stayed almost 2 hours at the dog park that day because we couldn’t bear to have that moment end!!! We sadly report that she has gone from 84.8 last week to 86.5 today. I know that turkey and cheese sandwich she stole off the counter and me spilling 5 lbs of Halos non diet food, which Lady happily “helped” me clean up, were probably the causes. I pledge to guard my lunches better and to quit throwing dog food all over the house :)













Cody is doing really well on this food, not only does he love it, but he really has improved even more this week with his energy level and he seems to be sleeping more sound!

He’s been running with his neighborhood buddies and his best friend Max came over last Saturday night. Some of Cody’s food for dinner was still in the bowl and we realized that Max loves it too! ha ha ha

We haven’t seen any weight change, but will keep up, diets suck, I know THAT for a fact, but at least Cody isn’t suffering the way we humans do!












Bandit continues to do well on his Dog-on-Diet program. He can run further and faster. Jump higher and keep up with the squirrels as they tease him from the tree tops. We took him to the vet’s office to use their scales. He weighed in at 15.02 pounds. He started at 17 pounds in June, but since October he has lost just about one pound. He seems to be holding there but it is still early in the race. We would like to see him get to 11 pounds. His brother Rusty went with us to the vet, his brother has lost 3 pounds since December. We feed Rusty the same food as Bandit in the same amount, Rusty has always been much more active than Bandit, but Bandit is starting to be more playful. Both of our boys get Castor & Pollux ORGANIX Weight Management food, and only Castor & Pollux ORGANIX cookies. They both have much more shiny and soft coats. Can’t wait to see what the next few weeks bring.!!!












Sgt. Pepper

We have been slammed by the big snowstorm and it has not been safe to venture out with the dogs due to so many downed trees and live wires. Pepper continues to thrive, and still has this wonderful perkiness about him – just not sure how much exercise, other than playing with the other dogs inside and in back yard, he’ll be getting this week.













Tallulah is still at 37 pounds. I took her to the vet yesterday for her bi-weekly weigh in and was surprised that she had not lost any weight. Having said that she was also at a new boarding facility for a few days where the dogs are not kenneled and I’m sure her main mission was to find food. Her main goal in life! She also came home with a wicked upset stomach. A few days with added rice and she’s back to normal. Even though there has been no loss I do see changes in her. She is not panting as much while walking and she has been able to get up stairs easily like to my bedroom in the evening. And really who could say no to that face! So guess who is sleeping in bed with me!? The picture I’m posting is her hiding under the shrubs and behind the grill because she saw me coming at her with her ladybug Halloween costume. So needless to say…there are none.











Prudence is down .8 lbs… Lol. I really thought it would be more… Her energy level is up like crazy and she wants to play all the time… More pics soon… She is going to “luxury boarding” for the first time ever o. Sunday and will have lots of play time with other doggies… I’m hoping she drops some lbs while she’s there… Either that or she will sabotage the diet somehow because she’s mad at me for going on a work trip… We shall see …



Good news for Shooter at our weekly weigh in at Felton Veterinary! He lost a pound this week. He went from 96.2 to 95.2 this past week. We realize now this is a slow process, so we are grateful for that lb. that was lost! One thing we will start this week, that we have not done, is take some measurements. I’ve noticed that some of the other dogs are doing this. We have had several comments about Shooter that he is looking slimmer. I would imagine even though the pounds are slow coming off he probably is losing some inches! Shooter has a ways to go, really he should be weighing in about 70 to 75 pounds. So! Onward we go this week and to all our fellow dog-on-diet friends have a great week and keep on walking!













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  1. Sarah says:

    CONGRATS to all of the dogs for doing a great job! This is definitely not an easy process and it is slow. We all wish the dogs could lose weight more quickly but I am sure that slower is better, just like with people! Keep up the great work and hopefully see less of everyone next week! :)
    Sarah & Haley

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