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Dog-on-Diet Week 3 Update

4 Comments 28 October 2011

Dog-on-Diet Week 3 Update


Gizmo loves going to the park and chasing squirrels.






Sgt. Pepper

Hi there. Just wanted you to see (pic attached) how energetic Sgt. Pepper felt this weekend after nearly a week of 100% Organix Weight Mgmt.! He raced his 1yr old “sister” and 9 month old “brother”. He has never been one to run at full speed, especially for a sustained amount of time. This made me so happy! He seems so happy too! YAY! He has always been a very mellow, low-energy dude, literally stopping to smell the roses on walks. This change is amazing! Usually, when he does full-on run, it is just for maybe 20 seconds or so and then lays in a mud puddle or in the grass, but he is running around with all of the other dogs for several minutes. This photo is of Sgt. Pepper and a foster sibling. Enjoying the wonderful weather….before our first snowfall?!?!? Sgt. Pepper has reached the 2 lb mark! Yahoo.






















Ah, Shooter has on his sad face. It’s week number three of the dog-on diet program and he has only lost one pound. The good news is he hasn’t gained any! He loves his Organix Weight Management formula and he loves the fact that he does feel better! Even though he has not had much weight loss, Shooter’s energy level has seemed to improve. His coat also has a healthy glow to it that it didn’t before! So we will continue on this week, maybe make those walks a little longer. I will continue to resist the temptation to give into those big (looks like he’s starving!) eyes, and think about how healthy he is getting! Here’s to a great week!






















K-9’s blog, stardate October 18th, 2011

After weeks of searching for her waistline, Prudence finally sees the benefits of not eating her way through each day.  While other galaxies are feeding their furbabies unhealthy fat filled products made in mysterious third world solar systems, Prudence finds that the all-natural Castor & Pollux is the only sustenance for her delicate figure.  Thanks to the Dog-on-Diet program and the love of her Mommy Dixie, Prudence plans to forge on with the slimming down process in hopes of regaining her ability to squeeze through the doggie door.  Nightly walks around the block (prior to 3 weeks ago it was unheard of to make it down the sidewalk and back) and extra playtime with Mom make for a successful combination.  Recruitment also continues at the local Pet Supply stores for more fans to follow Prue’s journey.  Mom has had 3 offers this week alone for furbaby-sitting services.  While we appreciate the offers, there are strict screening, background, and pawprinting procedures that most are unwilling to submit to… So until next week…

K-9 Blog out.













Molly is re-gaining so much energy.  She saw a little brown bunny in our yard when we were walking and she took off after it like a shot!  I didn’t know she had that kind of stamina in her.  I think she enjoyed chasing the rabbit but didn’t actually want to catch it because she pulled up short just as she was about to overtake the rabbit.  She sat back on her haunches and watched it escape and then returned to me very pleased with herself.  In these pictures, Molly is keeping tabs on the yard on the lookout for more rabbits.

















Blitzen is still doing great – hasn’t been eating his food as quickly as usual so I reduced the amount of food and have been mixing in some Ultramix wet food to get his appetite back on track. He loves it and has been eating great! Still going strong on 2-3 walks a day. He wakes me up at the sound of my alarm to go walk :) Will weigh him within the week. It’s OSU’s homecoming this weekend – busy time!! Go Pokes!! Down 3 lbs! About 8 more to go until he is at his ideal weight – let’s get it going Blitz!!

























Week 3 has been a little tough for Daphnie. She has gained all her weight back and is still preferring to sleep. They only time she perks up is to go for a car ride, potty, and food. My dog is food obsessed. To give you an idea on how obsessed, here are some examples of what she has eaten. She has eaten half of a XXX (which is a bun with 4 patties on it), 1/4 of a family lasagna (getting into the garbage), and last Halloween she got into the garbage again and ate diapers, leftovers, ect. She was rushed to the emergency vet and almost died. She was diagnosed with HGE and recovered after 2-3 weeks of preparing her bland food. She never liked toys….never. She always preferred rawhides. She always goes with us on family outings, but once she gets tired, I carry her. I have reduced her food to compensate for my little one sneaking food to her. I’m a little discouraged, with how she is acting with walks, but I won’t give up. I did get both Daphnie and my daughter to chase me around the house today…that’s progress for Daphnie ; )
















Week 3 and everything is falling into place. The feeding and walking schedule are becoming routine, Lady’s week goes like this… Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings, the dog park followed by a 1 mile walk, Wednesday afternoon we walk to the vet for our weigh in, Friday and Saturday we go to the dog park, but leave the 1 mile walks for the weekdays and Sunday we just chill. I just hope I can maintain our schedule once the cold gets here!! Lady’s starting weight was 87.2 lbs, her weight this week was 84.8lbs for a total loss of 2.4!!!
















Here’s Cody getting ready for Halloween! His new pumpkin toy! Unfortunately, he didn’t lose a pound this week, but I have to tell you, his energy level and his playfulness just keeps improving and getting stronger! He’s much more attentive, chasing his buddies in the neighborhood and following me around in the yard.  He’s sleeping through the night and his appetite is HUGE! He LOVES this food. Everything just seems to be getting better.  I will say though, I KNOW he is hoping I don’t get out last year’s spiderman costume for him, LOL















This week, Annie, Maddie and I went for a walk in a park in a nearby town. The park has excellent walking paths and it was such a nice day that we ended up walking almost 2 miles! Annie was so tired that she fell asleep in the car on the way home. Unfortunately, when I got to the park I realized that I had forgotten to change the batteries in my camera so I have no pictures from the park. Yesterday the weather got really cold so she has to wear a sweater since she just got a haircut. I weighed her yesterday and she’s lost a pound! So now she’s on her way to looking slim and stylish in her new sweater.
















Well Jules is doing great with the ORGANIX. She really loves it! I notice that she takes time to savor her food now instead of just gulping it down. Which I am hoping will help with the weight loss as well. She seems to actually get satisfied by her food now. Last week I told you that she use to try to always eat her sister Liberty’s food. Well now the tables have turned. I have caught Liberty (a 10 lb Shih Tzu) eating Jules’ food at least twice in the last week. Liberty now waits for Jules to step away for even a second to run over and snag a few bites. Jules is still more active than before and she seems so happy. I need to get her out of the house and on more walks, but have been sick this past week and haven’t been able to do so. I did take her to get weighed and she lost .8 lb. She weighed 83.4 last time and this time she is down to 82.6 lbs. I am really happy with the progress. I am so proud of her and can’t wait to keep seeing the changes in her.



















I am happy to report that Emma has weighed in now at 12.8 lbs. We started at 13.8 so we have loss a whole pound. She also fitted into an outfit (a snuggie) I bought for her last year and it didn’t fit her….so I put it away in hopes that someday she would get into it…I also notice that her harness is moving around her waist when I am walking her. The clasp should be on the side of her and now it is in the middle of her back because it moves. You can see it in the video that I will post on C&P Facebook account. I also notice that she has no trouble now jumping up and down on my couch to sit in her window seat. I used to  have to help a little bit to get her in the window. Her coat is so shiny also…someone told me at Petco her coat looks like velvet, and I said Thank you!!  We will continue our walks. It is supposed to snow on Saturday…We look forward to playing in it!! Till next week…Wish all other pups good luck! <3





















Cue the Rocky theme song…Josephine is ready to hit the gym! She has lost 1.5 lbs!!! We couldn’t be happier to see our little butterball trimming down and being happy while she’s doing it!!! She just loves her food and we have been much, much better about not giving her treats the same size the big dogs get!! She eats her kibble as treats and gets just as excited as if she were getting a big ole biscuit!!













Tator Tot

This past week Tator Tot finally hit his 1lb weight loss mark!  I think I was more excited than he was though. Last week he was 15.2 lbs and today he is at 15lbs.  We have started to walk more…up to 2 miles every morning.  I have noticed that Tator Tot seems to enjoy the walks a lot more now that he has lost some weight and we are finally getting some cooler weather down here.





















Bandit continues to do well on his dog-on-diet program.  He has lost a total of one pound. That is quite a bit for such a small dog.  His ideal weight should be 10 to 11 pounds, so he has a ways to go.  He is determined!!! He dreams about being named the winner.  Every day he walks further and further and has more energy. He is always asking if he has won yet and is waiting to collect his prize.




















Well, the weigh in was this morning and Diablito is down 1 pd! It’s a slow start but still a start. He’s been stubborn this week and not eating much of his kibble and am thinking he may need more strenuous walks to work up an appetite! Good luck to everyone on our next week of dieting!



















A very tired Tallulah! We were out today for two long walks. Yesterday was her birthday and I forgot! She is now 3 year’s old. For her birthday treat she got three craisins.
















Rosie is tuckered out and finally went to sleep after a hard day of shopping at PetSmart for Castor & Pollux products!













Duchess spent this week in Chicago with mom visiting her grandparents.

She had a week of extra scratches and kisses. She particularly enjoyed her morning walks with grandpa and playing with their dog Bandit (and Bandits toys!). :)


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  1. EILEEN says:

    Tallulah is happy…happy…wants to join me and my husband is BED. Woo Hoo!

  2. Jean says:

    Emma looks good keep it up my little neice…Love aunt jeannie

  3. Melissa & Lady says:

    Lady and I are just thrilled!! I can’t believe how much she loves this food!!! She is doing so well we are in the process of switching little sister Halo to the Organix Adult Formula!!!

  4. EILEEN says:

    At this weeks weigh in there was no gain nor loss but what I see as a positive is that Tallulah is so much more lively. She is much more excited to get out of the house and go for longer walks. At the dog park she still only wants to go around for one loop but she doesn’t seem to tire as fast. She loves her food. I’ve added about a half cup of water to the dry kibble to make a little gravy. She gobbles it up in 10 seconds. She enjoys licking her ceramic bowl “just in case” she may have missed something for another five minutes. I love my furry four legged baby girl!!!

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