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Dog-on-Diet Week 2 Update

1 Comment 21 October 2011

Dog-on-Diet Week 2 Update


First let me say that Jules LOVES her food! We received the package on October 4th, and I took about 8 days blending it in until it was completely ORGANIX. Right away I have noticed changes in her. She used to always try to find her sister’s food and eat it after she was finished with hers. Her sister is a 10 lb Shih Tzu and so in order to keep Jules from Liberty’s food, I feed Liberty under the bed. Sounds sad, but Liberty loves it. Anyway, Jules used to do anything she could to get to Liberty’s food, but as of late, she has not been even looking for it. After she eats, she seems to be content. Finally! Also, when she was young, whenever I would come home she would be so excited. She would jump and run and jump some more to show me just how excited she was. She has not done that in years, until now. Every day she is so much more energetic than the day before. Even my mom noticed it when she came over one day. She hasn’t played with toys in years, but she is starting to again. She runs more and my mom said “She just seems happy.” Which of course makes me really happy. We took her to get weighed today, and through all the squirming and moving around we determined that she is down a pound! Yay!!! So she started at 84.4 and is now 83.4. I have cut out all treats, but I know I need to up the walking and play time. I just can’t get over the change in her already. I cannot wait to see how much happier she gets. Thank you so much, and I will keep on keeping you posted :)





Tallulah is great. I’ve noticed a little more pep in her step, and she has been climbing stairs a little better. She normally sits and cries for one of us to go down and carry her up the stairs! Took her to the vet for a weigh in…..drum roll please…. Two paws up ! ! Down one pound ! !














Since starting the Dog-On-Diet program, Blitzen has shown much more interest in daily activities, where before he would sleep about 90% of the day, now he will follow me around and interact with my roommate’s dog much more. He loves the rawhides and though he never got table scraps or treats before, the rawhides are a good way to keep him entertained for a few hours!

Before the program, I was walking him once every night for about 15-20 minutes, now I am able to walk him twice a day for about 30-45 minutes each time. The most miraculous thing of all; he runs now!!!! I haven’t seen him run with confidence in over two years and it’s such a joy to finally see him getting back to the spunky boy he was before the weight gain. So excited to continue to see results.















Bandit is doing well on the dog on a diet program. Although he still likes to sit on the couch with his papa and watch tv as much as he can, he is walking further and further every day. He has his favorite houses where he knows the squirrels live. He will run from one house to the other stand at the bottom of the tree and bark….he does not know that this makes them hide!!! He has also lost a whole pound! Bandit loves to go to Apple Hill. There are many people to bark and growl at. Every one either thinks he is cute, too fat, or going to have puppies. The children really like him, but he does not like them. But we went there for him to pick out some pumpkins!!! Here are his pumpkins, and his reaction to them……





















I took Haley in to get weighed on Monday and she is the same. We had a couple of hikes, not as long as last week. It was a little more difficult this week regarding treats. She is trying to figure out why the other dogs are getting different things than she gets, but she’s ok. It’s probably harder for me!














Sgt. Pepper

He seems to be really coming around to the Weight Management Organix, and seems to have more energy. He is nearly transitioned to consuming 100% Organix Weight Management, as opposed to Ultramix and regular Organix. He seems to be really reacting positively to its benefits and has more energy – maybe he is already feeling a little lighter! Thanks so much Castor & Pollux for making such wonderful, quality food to provide to my dogs, and for including us in your Dog-on-a-Diet contest! We appreciate all of the goodies and food you have sent to help us get our buddy back in shape!













Josephine is doing great!!! I swear she has a little waistline! She doesn’t look so much like a bowling pin like he Daddy was calling her 😉














This week Emma took a ride to Petco where we made new friends and got ORGANIX Weight Management food, she was very happy!!! She also had her nails trimmed and wasn’t too happy about that…. Emma loves veggies and fruits and has adjusted to not getting as much as she used to. We go on our walks and we even made it to 3 miles for the first time ever this week!! We really love being outdoors and we love our walks…On the days we can’t go out because of the rain we play indoors now. She never wanted to play indoors but lately she does and it is funny to watch her run all over the house carrying a toy…she is such a character. She really keeps me smiling! It’s fun to see all of the other pups do well and we wish them all good luck!! Everyone keep up the good work!! I’ll keep everyone posted…….and check out C&P Facebook…till next week.













Molly’s original owner no longer could keep her as she (the owner) moved to assisted living. Molly lived at a foster home for a few months and we were lucky enough that she was available to us. We’ve had her just over a week now. We weighed her at 17.5 pounds last Saturday but the vet wants her to weigh 15. She was reportedly even heavier in the past and her back legs are pretty thin, not the well-exercised legs one would expect in an animal. We are walking her longer and longer everyday trying to build muscle and stamina.











Well Daphnie is still loving the food, but has gotten a little itchy. She is having a hard time finishing her walks, which are short. I think it’s due to the weather change making her leg ache a little. We live in Yakima, so it’s still not too cold, but it will be soon. I have noticed her run up the stairs a little better after going potty! We still have to lift her up on the couch when she wants up. That’s her being pampered. Everyone calls her the queen ; ) We have made a few trips to Petco and PetSmart to just walk around. This pic was today at PetSmart, which I shouldn’t be in since I work at Petco…hehe.














Tator Tot

This week Tator Tot has not had any weight change. He was 15.2 last week and weights 15.2 again this week. Tator Tot has become very quick at getting dropped food off the floor from my 2 year old before I or even my other dogs can get it. We continue to take Tator Tot for walks with us to school every day, so hopefully next week we will see a change.














Cody lost 1 lb. this week. We’ve cut back and eliminated his treats, which he is NOT happy about. BUT, he loves going for the extra walks with AJ, and being able to enjoy the cooler weather makes it even MORE perfect! He loves this food, that’s just a bonus! He seems more energetic, more spunky and playful. I can’t wait to see what is different next week!














Diablito and his brother are doing good on their diet, his weigh in is today! Here he is after a long hike in the Bisti Wilderness area.














Rascal has so much more energy since starting on Organix! He has been getting a good workout most days. Here he’s taking a nap on top of his toys after a long walk!












It took us a while to get out of the store today….we were recruiting new friends to follow us on the Castor & Pollux Pet Facebook page…hopefully people keep their promises because we didn’t exchange numbers. Is it me or am I actually seeing a waistline on Miss Prue in this picture??? Maybe???















Duchess sitting pretty! She is doing great on her diet! She is playing with her brother more and her coat already seems shinier and softer! :)














Maize is doing well. She is totally switched to the ORGANIX Weight Management food and likes it. She is getting a walk two to three times a day. She loves walks and more importantly, seeing other dogs on her walk. She is so friendly that I forget other dogs aren’t and have to stop to ask permission if Maize can say hi. I will get her weighed at the end of the week. She looks like she has lost a couple of pounds. I’ll keep you posted.











Lady had a difficult week 2. It started off raining for 3 days so outdoor activity was limited. The cold and rain always inflame her arthritis as well, so on days we actually could get out we couldn’t go very far. The weather improved so much by the weekend we were able to get the boat out on the water and swim a bit, downside is Lady hates swimming. Sometimes I wonder if there are any other water-loathing Labrador Retrievers in the world!! We have had to order refills on her Rimadyl, but I’m cautious to give it to her too much because of the risks. I am hoping she can loose enough weight to make the arthritis more manageable. Lady’s a trooper though and smiled through it all. Final activity for the week was a Drive In Movie where Mom and Dad actually behaved by not sharing their popcorn!!


























Hi to all our fellow friends on “the dog-on- diet” program. I just wanted to hi and see how everyone was doing! I am Shooter’s mom and I don’t know about all of you, but it was hard to make some adjustments! I can’t believe how many times I had to catch myself giving Shooter a hand out or sharing a bite of this or that with him! I never realized how much extra I was feeding him until now. Thank goodness this program came along to make me wake up and see what I was doing! So just wanted to give everyone encouragement to stick with this. Think about the time that will be added to their life! Good luck everyone and hang in there!!!











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  1. Janice says:

    Rosie went shopping today for castor & pollux food!. She is not eating her weight management food like she should. I poured the food into the kibble & bits feeder. Now she will have to eat it!

    So far, she loves the canned food. Chicken & Potato formula.

    She has not been able to walk much because of rain. I put pictures on your facebook page.

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