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Dog-on-Diet Week 12 Update

2 Comments 30 December 2011

Dog-on-Diet Week 12 Update

Well, we’ve made it to the last week of the program, congrats to all of our participants! Can you believe that all together the pups have lost over 100 pounds? Talk about incredible progress, read their last weekly update below.


Cody has lost a total of only 6 lbs, but that’s ok too, he did lose! You can see the indentation by his back legs and waist now which was NOT there when we started this.  Dr. Jones will be very happy with us and I’d like to see that lean figure back as soon as possible. Cody has 11 more lbs. to go and I think he can do it! It’s his New Year’s resolution LOL. His energy level is SO changed now and for the better, he runs and jumps and plays with SO much more energy and his playful puppiness is back and in full force.  He is chasing his friends and not getting winded like he was, he has that twinkle back in his eye and you KNOW he is up to causing trouble.  Thank you SO much for showing us that the right eating habits along with the right food can give me more time to share with my Cody. Lengthening his life and helping him to eat right, well that’s a win-win for everyone!


Sgt. Pepper

Sgt. Pepper started at 88lbs. 12 weeks ago. Over the course of this super-fun Dog-on-Diet program, we are proud and pleased to say that he now weighs 77.2lbs! When we began this program, Pepper had been eating Castor & Pollux’s regular Ultramix Adult, so we knew we would be feeding him a quality dog food. What we didn’t know, but soon found out, was that we were basically getting a brand new puppy in a dog’s body! Sgt. Pepper has gone from a very mellow couch potato (not good for a 2.5yr old dog!) to a happy, playful, energetic dog that has more energy now than when we rescued him at age 5 months! He now initiates playtime regularly with his 1.5yr and 1yr. old “siblings” and the foster pups! My family has enjoyed watching not only Sgt. Pepper’s amazing transformation, but also that of all of the other participants! I hope there will be follow-ups to keep in touch with all of them!









Molly had a run-in with a heating vent.  She was walking across it when suddenly the heat came on and a gust of hot air blew out of it and caught her unaware.  She barked and growled at the vent for surprising her and then spent the rest of the evening giving it a wide berth.  Here she looks at the vent suspiciously.  Molly is maintaining her weight at 16 pounds, just one pound shy of her goal weight.  There’s one more week so, hopefully, she’ll have a breakthrough soon.












K-9 Blog Stardate December 28, 2011

With Thanksgiving and Christmas behind us… Prue forges on with her diet.  She continues to be excited about meal times even though her portions are nothing like they used to be.  The number of walks have decreased because of weather and work…but Prue makes her own adventures inside with toys and visitors to our solar system.  She is totally acting like she is 5 years younger… If she had a little Botox … You would think she was a puppy.  We are sad to see the diet end but know that it has changed both of our lives and are eternally grateful for the opportunity.  Prue is so much healthier and we have become huge advocates for Castor & Pollux.  One thing that happens with most bulldog owners is that we get stopped everywhere.  Recently Prue and I were stopped at a pet store by a new bulldog parent. They were asking questions about the breed and I told them the most important thing I have learned is to feed Prue Castor & Pollux.  I am pretty sure that that new bully parent is going to stick with C&P as long as their bully will eat it.  Congrats to all the contestants as they are all winners and we will see you at the finish line… Prue may be last in line but she will be there with bells on!

K-9 Blog out.











Well this is the final week for Dog-on-Diet and Bandit says he is glad.  He thinks he is going back to his old way of eating, but that is NOT going to happen.  Both of our little guys and been following the rules for Dog-on-Diet and are doing amazing.  Rusty and Bandit are brothers, same papa and different mamas.  Rusty is built like his mama, long and lean, Bandit is built like his mama short and squat.  Bandit is broader than Rusty so he will never be long and lean but he is healthier now.  Although the vet says he should weigh about 11 pounds according to his size and breed, I don’t know if that will ever happen.  I would be happy to see him at 12 pounds.  His current weight is 14 pounds, and he started and just a little over 16 pounds.  He has not lost any weight over the past couple of weeks, but he has not gained any either.  He is much healthier and more active.  As the last week will be over soon, he will still do his best to get more exercise and stay on his diet,  Best of luck to all the pups, but BANDIT REALLY WANTS TO WIN!











Emma is one happy girl, I see it in how she stands now, as if to say, “Look at me, I am getting thin and healthy with a beautiful coat!” Thank you Caster & Pollux for choosing us for this program. It is nice to know that a company really cares about our pets….we are sad that the program is over but we will continue on with this great program and will keep with updating on Emma’s progress Thank you again and Happy New Year!

















Rascal has lost a tiny bit more weight this past week, and is now down to 98.5 lbs.! His energy level is through the roof. Here he is showing off one of his Christmas presents. No treats this year, just a couple toys, and he didn’t even seem to mind! He’s playing like a puppy. He will definitely stay on Castor & Pollux food to maintain his weight once the loss plateaus.













I cannot express how much gratitude I have for your company and all that you all have given back to my dog’s life and mine through the Dog-On-Diet program!!! Blitzen began his weight loss in this program at 56 lbs, he is now down to 44 lbs. A total loss of 12 lbs!!! Averaging about a pound per week through long walks and correct feeding regimens in this challenge I can say that we completed our goal!! His ideal weight for his breed/height was 45 lbs!

It has truly been a 180 in every way possible!!! His coat has improved by a ton, he used to have a balding – sort of, elbow-esque – spot on his tail from sitting on it so often, and now that has completely grown back and where before his hair was very frail and wiry, it is now SO soft! By far the biggest improvement others and I recognize in him other than the dramatic weight loss has been his attitude! He wakes up every morning thrilled to wake me up and get out and see and smell new things! As going through the pictures I was shocked just by the expression in his face, in the before pictures, he had no light in his eyes that he did as a puppy and he looked almost depressed, as I can imagine he did not feel 100% ever being so overweight. But now the pictures I capture you can tell how curious he is and how he loves life again!!

You have honestly given my dog’s life back to him through weight loss and I am forever grateful. I hope to proudly represent Castor & Pollux throughout his life and any other pets I may have!!












I can’t believe it’s been 12 weeks already!! In the past 12 weeks I have learned so much that will benefit Lady for the rest of her life! Lady and little sister Halo went to Christmas Dinner at my sister’s new house. The kids have horrible allergies so I knew the dogs would have to stay in the backyard, which wasn’t a big deal since it had been in the 60’s all week, until it decided to rain. My dogs are inside dogs and didn’t comprehend staying on the patio = staying dry, so by the end of the afternoon I had two wet dogs staring at me through the French doors! Needless to say I allowed myself to be guilted into Christmas dinner for them, but I did hold firm that it be meat only, and Lady was fine with that! I won’t have a weight till Friday afternoon but I’ll post it on the Castor& Pollux Pet Facebook page as soon as I get it!! Paws crossed it’s in the right direction!











Josephine continues to make great progress and is unusually spunky lately! She has even recruited her adopted brother Stewart Little to diet with her. They both LOVE to eat and could easily turn into little butterballs if we’re not careful. I would say that maybe small dogs need more food because they run around so much but, they do their fair share of sleeping so, I don’t think that’s it! Maybe they just think they need more food! Anyway, Josephine is doing great and we are well on our way to her goal weight!











Annie Ann went to the vet yesterday and weighed in at 17.3 pounds. She gained .3 pound, but I blame that on the incident in the picture.

I bought a little plastic stocking filled with rawhide candy canes for the dogs to share. When I leave for work I usually give them each a rawhide so they have something to keep them busy while I’m gone. It usually takes them awhile to finish one so I thought that stocking would last them for a bit.

On Christmas day, I gave them each a rawhide and put the stocking up while I left and went to visit family. Well, I guess one rawhide just wasn’t enough for Annie so she pulled the stocking off the TV stand and chewed it apart! The picture is what I saw when I came home. As you can see, she is quite proud of what she did.

My darling little piglet has stashed rawhides in various places around the house. I thought I found them all but she walked into the kitchen this morning with a rawhide that I didn’t give her! I guess we will just have to go on extra walks to make up for it!

I’m bummed that the Dog-on-Diet program is coming to an end. I’m going to miss reading all of the updates from the other contestants. It was nice to know that my little Ann was not the only dog that struggles with losing weight and keeping it off. The Organix food has been great for Annie! Her energy level is up and she has lost quite a bit of weight for such a little dog. Even though she didn’t quite reach her goal weight, she is closer than she’s ever been before. Now that she’s gotten this far, I know she can do it!









Tallulah hopes that everyone had a very nice holiday! Her parents were away in Colorado while she stayed at home being watched by a very nice woman. Tallulah is doing very well on the dog-on-a-diet program. We will continue to strive for weight loss after the program has ended. It’s been so much fun updating you all and seeing the progress of Tallulah and all the other pups. Tallulah means everything to me and my heart is so happy to see the progress she’s made! Tallulah is at 34 pounds . . . yippie.. ….her energy level is a 10 and I am loving the fact that she gets up and down the stairs with ease.













Well, Jules has been caught sneaking kitty “treats” (from the litter box) several times the past two weeks, so therefore she has not lost any more weight. She still loves the food and is still happy go lucky. I have been letting the dogs play with the kitten now and so she likes to do a little chasing, though she mainly sits back and watches my little dog get beat up by the kitten.

We had a very happy holiday and look forward to the upcoming new year. She wanted to make sure and wish all her fellow contestants a happy and healthy 2012. We can’t wait to see how all the other doggies are doing.












Can’t believe that it has already been 3 months ~ a BIG thank you again to Castor & Pollux for this opportunity!  Haley had a great Christmas and has been doing well since we reduced her food. It is still a struggle sometimes to limit the treats but we have had the willpower and the dogs aren’t expecting them as often. Looking forward to doing our final weigh in next week and updating Haley’s photo. Happy New Year to everyone at Castor & Pollux and to all the Dog-on-Diet participants. Here’s to a healthy new year for our fur children!!!


Tator Tot

What an amazing final week Tator Tot has had in the dog-on-diet program.  He lost .4 lbs this week bringing him down to 13.1 lbs!  That is just .1 lbs away from a total of 3 pound weight loss since the start of the program!!  His doggie cousins were here again for this past week and he really gets a great workout running around with them.  And he accomplished a week one goal…he is able to actually jump up on the couch now instead of needing help!  I’m so thankful Tator Tot and I have been able to participate in this program.  Even though he is 8 years old, he is acting like a puppy again!















Oh how happy we were today when we went for our weigh in!! Shooter lost a pound and a half! We are very excited!! As the Dog-on-Diet contest is coming to a close we were hoping for some good results on our last post!! We would like to thank all our friends at Felton Veterinary for letting us bring Shooter in every week! We are sad it is time to end but so grateful of all the good results that have come from this. The weekly posts will end but our efforts on continuing with Shooters weight loss plan will not end! We will continue until we reach our weight loss goal, Shooter, has lost a little over 8 pounds while being in the program. His energy level has greatly improved along with our awareness to all the handouts we were giving him. This has been a wonderful experience and we are so pleased to have discovered such a great food for Shooter. It’s been fun seeing the great results with our fellow contestants. Good luck to everyone and keep up the good work! God bless!

















Diablito has lost a couple more ounces and hope to have good news next week!
Again, we have to add more to the wire fence since he is now climbing up it!


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