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Dog-on-Diet Week 11 Update

0 Comments 23 December 2011

Dog-on-Diet Week 11 Update


We’re getting close to the end of our journey, and have hit a new milestone: Rascal has lost a few more pounds, and is now ONLY in the double digits! 99 lbs! That means he’s lost 13 lbs. since starting on the challenge. In addition to the weight loss, the positive changes in his coat, energy level, and mood are unbelievable! We are so grateful to have been chosen to participate in this ‘competition’, although it feels more like a journey with a group of new friends than a group competing against one another! The support has been tremendous.

We are so glad that Castor & Pollux showed us that the weight loss was not only possible, but painless, too! You can see by Rascal’s picture how proud he is of his new physique. We will definitely stay on track once the challenge is over. There are no excuses for going back to ‘the old way’ of doing things, especially since it’s so simple: don’t overfeed, limit the snacks, and keep moving!

Hope everyone at Castor & Pollux has a very Merry Christmas–I know we will! Rascal is getting some new toys for Christmas–no treats!


Tator Tot

Slowly but surely Tator Tot lost another .1 lbs from last week to today.  But that makes his official weight loss 2.5 lbs since starting the weight loss program!  Tator Tot acts like a puppy again!  Playing with toys and my other dogs, guarding the yard from birds, and he’s the first one up and barking at the door when someone has rung the doorbell.  I love the progress he has made and I’m so thankful we have been able to participate in the dog-on-diet program!





















Annie’s weight-loss has stagnated a little this week. She hasn’t lost any weight, but she hasn’t gained any either. Usually, my little piglet gains a lot of weight during the winter months, but she has managed to keep it off and I’m so proud! She has so much energy for an 11 year old dog. Even our neighbors can’t believe how old she is!



Bandit continues to do well, his weight is at a standstill but he is still on his quest to finish what he started to get to a healthy weight.  He spends as much time as he can running and playing at the park.  Mostly chasing squirrels and running through fallen leaves.  I think he will be glad when the weather warms up, it is hard to walk very far when it is so cold.  But he is much happier and healthier now and he is grateful for that.  Bandit wants to tell everyone Merry Christmas.












This week has been a very busy week. We visited with my sister & husband and their dog Buddy…Buddy is a Cocker Spaniel and is a love!! He loved Emma and they got along great, once Emma got use to him.  Earlier in the day Emma was bullied by German Shepherd off his leash running from his owner. Emma has not lost any weight this week she is holding at 11.10 lbs. which I am very happy about. My Sister said you can see the difference in her already and she is a ball of energy. She asked me if she was always like this, I said yep since I started feed her C&P Organix weight management food.  Oh and Emma and Buddy re-decorated my sister’s house lol all the angels and Santa were they must of had a ball!! We are still going on our walks and playing all the time in the house. Yesterday 12/22/11 was beautiful out and we took advantage of it, we were out all afternoon walking and playing in the front yard. Emma and I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Holiday! Till next week <3




















Molly had a tough night not too long ago. We were all asleep and suddenly startled awake by the huge sound of a transformer exploding. It was shortly followed by a slightly quieter second explosion. Molly instantly catapulted herself into full alert mode, barking and growling. We just couldn’t settle her down. Most of the night she was alert, pacing and muttering to herself. Here’s a picture of her later in her red and green holiday coat on the couch trying to recover her sleep.  She has plateaued at 16 pounds, just one pound above her 15-pound goal weight.  I’ve tried increasing her exercise level but her weight just isn’t budging.  I’m at a loss right now.









Sgt. Pepper

I am sad to see the program ending, and am sad to see all of the problems little Daphnie had, but am so grateful to have been introduced to this product for Sgt. Pepper and the rest of my resident and foster dogs. I am not sure if I would have tried it, I kind of pictured it would be akin to me eating a “diet” food and it wouldn’t taste good. Switching from the Ultramix to Organix weight management was a breeze! Sgt. Pepper has transformed in so many positive ways. Our family’s feeding and exercise habits have gotten so much better with regard to treats and activities. The transformations have affected us all, and I am so grateful to you guys for giving us this chance! I have posted an update on your wall for this week’s blog. We have been celebrating Hanukah this week, and are preparing to celebrate Christmas and my parent’s 40th wedding anniversary over the weekend. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend!



















So sorry we missed the dog-on-diet week 10 blog! Shooter and I feel badly! We did make it to our weekly weigh in but did not get back in time to post! Shooters weight is holding this week no gain no loss. He is holding at 92 pounds. We did reduce his food a bit but maybe need to cut back just a bit more (maybe it’s best we keep that a secret!). We were hoping for some weight loss but as I said before even though he hasn’t had a huge weight loss the other side effects from his eating the Castor & Pollux Weight Management formula have just made us so pleased that its ok! He just plain seems happier! So we know he is feeling healthier! It’s been great watching the changes come about! Have a great week everyone and keep up the good work!!



















We tried to take a Holiday photo of both dogs and the baby in gift boxes- what was I thinking?!? But here’s a good one of Duchess! :)















Diablito didn’t lose much weight this week and have had no choice but to again, cut back his amount of food. Plus, he is being hesitant to go for walks or hikes when the weather is cold which has been happening a lot this past week. Here he is looking out the front door and you can see by his expression we didn’t go for a walk!


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