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Dog-on-Diet Week 10 Update

0 Comments 16 December 2011

Dog-on-Diet Week 10 Update

Tator Tot

Well after 3 really good weight loss weeks, Tator Tot only lost .1 lbs from last week. Today he is weighing in at 13.6 lbs. We did not go for as many walks last week, since it was really cold/windy/rainy here, and Tator Tot had to get his bath in the kitchen sink instead of outside. I’m still really happy with Tator Tot’s results (almost down 2.5 pounds since start of dog-on-diet program!!) And I’m loving that my Tator Tot is looking more like a “french fry”! :)











Sgt Pepper

Just wanted to update you all on Sgt. Pepper. He looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Thank you Castor and Pollux Organix Weight Management. He is down 9 lbs. from 88lbs at the beginning of the program. He is now in his ideal weight range of 75-80lbs and is just looks and clearly feels wonderful! I am so glad that we have your food and new lifestyle changes to help keep Sgt. Pepper and his “siblings” in tip top shape, including beautiful coats and bright eyes!











Molly loves early morning walks when there’s still a hard frost on the lawn. She runs for the frost-crusted grass snuffling her nose and stomping her paws in its icy cold whiteness. Then she flops on her side and rolls in the cold. I’m more interested in getting back into the warm, lighted house but she has her fun. Here she is showing off her new sleeker body. She’s staying steady at 16 pounds even. I wonder if this is as low as she can go?











I am on my way to Seattle, WA right now for the holidays! Sadly, Blitzen is not joining me, he probably wouldn’t like flying 😉 But he is in great care of his grandparents and aunts and uncles for the next 16 days – gasp; I know, I miss him too much already! I will try to post what I can with the info/pics they send me! So so thrilled to see all of the other dieters losing so much – keep it up!



Gizmo is very excited to be going on a vacation this week before Christmas! He is also feeling better since he injured his paw. We are very glad that he weighs about 29lbs now and hopefully will continue to lose more. He is extremely excited to play in the snow!















He hasn’t lost any weight this week, but the 4 lbs. he lost 2 weeks ago was amazing, so the fact that even with the holidays, he has not put any of it back on is great!

We are so excited that he has been able to be in this program. He has had SO much more energy and back to playing like a puppy all the time. Thank you SO much and Merry Christmas everyone!














Maizey continues to have lots of energy and is a happy doggie. She looks better and I’m sure feels better without the extra weight. She does get up once in a while during the night to entice us to give her a treat. Once she gets that treat less often than more, she goes back to sleep. I am so happy that we did this for Maizey. It wasn’t easy to change our way of thinking, that she needed treats every time she begged but we can look back and not get into that bad habit again. I hear that Labs find security in chewing blankets. She has her favorite. This explains the pic.













Well, it’s been a cold, wet week in Sedona. We even had some snow! Haley is still keeping busy, just inside. She went to the vet for her Rabies vaccine and we discussed Haley’s weight loss and adjusted her food a bit. She is not a big morning eater so we are giving her a minimal breakfast and regular dinner. This should help her continue her weight loss and then we will re-evaluate when she meets her goal. Looking forward to getting back outside on some hikes!















Duchess is doing great! At the start of the program Duchess was just over 17.5 lbs. We are VERY proud to announce that at her weigh in this week she was at 16lbs, 2oz!!! Almost a pound and a half in only 10 weeks! But more than the weight loss, she is so much happier and healthier! Her coat is shinier, she is more sassy, playful and loving than ever before! We were worried that with the cold weather, her weight loss might stall out. We’ve worked to keep her activity level up and the hard work is paying off! :)

















I am very happy to announce Lady’s lowest weight yet, 81.3 lbs!! When we first started the diet I had to increase her arthritis medicine because the increased activity was causing her pain which made her limp more. Now that she has lost 6 pounds her limp had lessened and I am no longer giving her extra doses of Rimadyl . The arthritis alone is bad enough, but having the extra weight makes it worse. I would absolutely love it if one day we were able to get off the meds completely and control it with supplements alone. We are well on our way!! Once the limp is gone we will tackle our next goal, Lady’s nemesis, the staircase.





















Rascal is still trimming down. Every week we see more muscle definition. He’s very frisky, acting younger than he has in a few years. He never was much for playing fetch, but now he’s crazy about it, no matter what the weather is. Today we were out in the yard for quite a while, and it got to the point that I was really cold and told the dogs it was time to go inside. Rascal apparently wasn’t ready, so he plopped down and just sighed. He knew there was no way I could move him! The only way to get him up was to tell him to “Go check the bunny.” (The rabbit is in an outside hutch that has a heat lamp on a temperature sensor.) Rascal tore over to the hutch at full speed, and barked nonstop until I made it over there to open the hutch door. (That’s the picture I chose for this week’s update.) He likes to lick the bunny’s head and ears until he’s dripping wet–but Fluffy won’t run away from him, almost as if he likes it!

A couple side notes: Rascal’s BM’s are noticeably smaller, which is great for me, as I’m on Poop Patrol! And our Border Collie, Lucky, has lost almost 6 pounds dieting alongside his brother! He went from 66.7 lbs down to an even 61 lbs. as of last week. That’s almost 10% of his weight, so we’re happy about that!

Thanks again for choosing us to participate in this challenge. It has been a wonderful, eye-opening experience.














So, my darling little piggy has finally gotten down to 17 pounds, a number she hasn’t reached in about three years! We haven’t been so great about going out and getting exercise this week, it’s been raining most of the week, so we’ve been getting some indoor exercise. I’ve noticed a huge increase in Annie’s energy level in the past few weeks. She’s wanted to play “bear” (her stuffed bear that she carries everywhere) everyday!

Another thing that I’ve noticed is that Annie’s knee isn’t bothering her this winter. A few years ago she tore her ACL and she developed arthritis in her knee. It seems like every winter Annie gets really stiff and sore. But with her weight loss putting less stress on her joints, it hasn’t been an issue this winter!

For some comparison, I’m including a picture of Annie from the summer of 2011. I was looking through some old pictures of her and was shocked; she doesn’t even look like the same dog. She looked like a dog that ate the dog she is now! The red sweater in the more recent picture is a sweater I bought her last year. I took a side view picture so everyone could see how baggy the sweater is.




















Bandit can’t believe the “dog-on-diet” is almost over. I am sure he is thinking he can finally go back to eating whatever he wants and being a lazy slug. BUT mama has news for him, the answer is NO. He has done so well. So far he has lost a total of 2 pounds. But it is not just about the weight loss, it is about his overall healthier life style. He can walk a mile a day which is quite a lot for a dog with such short legs. If papa is even one minute late for his walk, then Bandit raises a fuss, and when Bandit talks, trust me, every one listens. We can’t express enough thanks to Castor & Pollux for such a great opportunity. We have a healthy and active little guy. He will continue with his quest for the rest of his life. We have at least 2 more pounds to lose and maybe 3, we are never going to stop with this new life style. THANKS AGAIN. We tell everyone about your wonderful product and how it has impacted our little guy’s life.














Well I am extremely happy to report that Jules has had a tremendous week of weight loss. She is now down to 75.9 lbs!!! She started this program at 84.4 lbs. I am amazed at the progress she is making. I am so very proud and excited! I have been looking at her lately and she is definitely getting a waistline. Before she looked like a sausage, but now she is really coming in at the waist. Also, she has always had this big belly that hung low, but now it has thinned way out and is really just skin. I was watching her roll around last night and I could really tell that she is losing the weight. She still has some pounds to lose, but she is on the right track and I couldn’t be happier. I can’t wait to fill you in again next week.






















Wow week 10 already…I am happy to say Emma weighed in at 11.10 lbs. today!! We started at 13.8 lbs. I am so excited and so proud of her and all her hard work!! We have to thank Castor & Pollux for this program!! They are helping us keep are pets here with us for a longer time! We have been going on our walks and made it to almost 4 miles this week…not quite there but heading towards 5 miles goal. Emma asked Santa for a new coat since her old one is getting a little big and I have to adjust it all the time on our walk.. Today Emma is also going to visit her Aunt Jean and her dog Buddy..I hope to post a lot of pic of their first encounter…I hope all the pups have had a good week…until next week take care!<3



















K-9 Blog Stardate December 13, 2011


I’ve discovered that Prue’s refusal to continue walking past the end of the block is directly related to the weather. Apparently the brisk chilly weather makes Prue want to hibernate like Yogi Bear. She is still all about playing inside the house, mostly at the crack of dawn when I’m just getting that really good sleep. Either way, the Castor & Pollux diet continues to be a positive way of life for Prue… I am wholeheartedly sold on the food and tell my fur-friends about it every chance I get. We will be going to the vet for a few maintenance issues (nails, ear flush, glands, etc) in about a week so we will have a new weigh in number soon…

Happiest holidays to all the Dog-on-Diet contestants and everyone at Castor & Pollux…


K-9 Blog out














Tallulah is wonderful! The transformation of my sweet girl is truly amazing. She’s running…wanting to play with toys…she’s been jumping up on friends (not that I like that) but she just couldn’t do it before she started her weight management food. Her nick name from tank, chubby, sausage, fatty has been replaced with speedy gonzales and smiley girl. I KNOW she feels better and it makes me so happy!














I finally got Rosie to look up at the camera. Here she is in the backyard. She usually has to smell around before she runs in the fenced-in yard. Hopefully she will get to weigh in tomorrow!


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