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Dog-on-Diet Week 1 Update

1 Comment 14 October 2011

Dog-on-Diet Week 1 Update

Well our Dog-on-Diet participants have received their starter kits and have begun their journey to a healthy weight! Here’s a week 1 recap from our pet parents:



Josephine is doing great with her new food. She loves it…not surprised since she loves FOOD but, it helps that she enjoys it and it’s good for her! She has been getting pieces of kibble when the bigger dogs get treats and she is just fine with that. Jo has recently started playing/wresting with her furbrother Olie which is pretty funny since he’s a 40 lb hound mix!











On Monday, it was Haley’s first official day on the new food. I took her to the vet for a “starting” weight and she weighs 69 pounds. She is down 2 pounds from when I last took her to the vet a few weeks ago. She is adjusting to not getting treats like she used to. She loves her chew stick and we are using part of her daily food allowance as her “treat” in the evening when the other dogs get their treats. We took 2 hikes so far this week, between 2 and 3 miles each and have another planned for Friday. So far, so good!













Hello Everyone, I am very excite to report that Emma weigh in at 13.8 lbs(10/7) and today she is 12.10 lbs.!! Yahoooooo!!!! We been walking a lot lately and we started out very slow, we would walk .07 mile to start with now we are at 2.5 miles a day!! She loves it and so do I!! She also played for the first time in a while and we had a ball on the deck tossing the disk around. I notice she has more energy also which is a good thing. I hope you enjoy this as much as we are!! You can see more of Emma on C&P Fb page.










Tator Tot

Tator Tot is doing really well on the diet. His starting weight was 16 pounds, and today he is 15.2 lbs. I walk my son to school every day, so Tator Tot has started walking with us. My son really loves to walk one of his dogs to school. Tator Tot LOVES the food, and I think adding the water to it has made him feel fuller.














Bandit has just finished his first 10 days on the dog on a diet program. So far he has lost just about half a pound. He started out at 16 pounds he now weighs 15.4 pounds. I checked with his vet and they would like to see him between 10 and 11 pounds. So he still has a ways to go. Bandit has actually been eating Natural Ultramix Weight Management since June, and when he started with that he as at 17 pounds. Yes he is a real fatty. The one thing I noticed with him is that his coat is so much softer.











We’ve started the program and are having so much fun. I’m excited to say I’ve overheard my Sister tell Diablito and his brother she can no longer give them bites of what she is eating! We are getting them out for more walks and she especially looks forward to posting pictures of him on FB.













Duchess had a very busy week! She is now officially switched over to eating only Castor and Pollux food. She seems to really like it, at the end of the week she was eating it first and leaving her old kibble behind in her bowl! Duchess had a very eventful week, we brought our new baby home from the hospital and Duchess has had to adjust to all the new noises and smells as well as all the company coming over to visit. She has handled it like a pro! She is very loving and sweet around the baby and wants to be close to him and help Mom and Dad out. We are very proud of her! Here’s a picture of Duchess and Baron looking at their newest family member!











Here is Lady enjoying one of her walks!












Prudence was pretty excited about getting her starter kit!













Gizmo is sooo happy to be home from his walk!












Shooter loves talking walks on West Cliff in Santa Cruz :)



















Rosie loves her new rawhide!













Hi, my name is Daphnie and I am so excited to lose some weight….well my mommy is excited for me : ) I will be 10 years old November 21st and I currently weight 9.2 lbs. I have already lost 1 lb since I started eating this yummy

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food. I don’t really like to do much, because when I was a puppy I broke my leg and it never healed right…even after two surgeries. My leg is now partially rotated, but I have learned to live with it. My mom has always treated me like a queen, so I don’t hurt my leg, but that has caused some weight gain over the years. I also have a 15 month old human sister that likes to feed me, so I had gained pound since she started eating solids. Well…that is a little about myself. I wish all the other dogs the best of luck : )




















Tallulah at the dog park getting a really good work out! Yay! ^-^












Maize transitioned to her new dog last week and has done well on it. She weighs 95 lbs. The vet wants her to lose 10 pounds. Our biggest adjustment is cutting back on her treats. Maize loves them and we love giving them to her. So, I have broken a couple of treats into pieces and we have limited her to 4 a day. She just isn’t sure why the pieces are so small but she eats them just the same. She likes to relax by crossing her paws and chewing on her blanket. She always is so happy to see us after a long day!


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