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Is Your Yard Safe for Pets?

0 Comments 02 June 2011

Is Your Yard Safe for Pets?

It’s that time of year again. We’re spending more time outside working in our yards, planting flowers and tending our gardens. And if you have a dog or a cat, chances are your furry friend is right by your side during all of your outdoor activities. That means you need to make sure your yard is as safe as it can be for your pets.

Let’s start with the plants themselves. Some flowers or shrubs that are beautiful to look at are actually poisonous to dogs or cats. My dog has a knack for seeking out items that are harmful if ingested (I like to think he’s trying to keep me on my toes) so before I select plants for my yard I do a little research. has a list of potentially harmful plants on their website, so that’s a good place to start.

Once the plants are in the ground, it’s also important to consider your pets when selecting the fertilizers or weed killers you plan to use.In general, organic products will be a much safer bet than anything chemical-based, but always be sure to read the labels and follow the directions carefully to minimize risk to pets.

Spring is also a good time to survey the condition of your fence. Harsh weather over the winter may have caused damages that require repair. Check for any holes, loose boards, or erosion that could serve as an escape route for your dog.

Pet-proof your yard now so you and your four-legged buddies can relax and enjoy the outdoors together!


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