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A Brand New Candy

1 Comment 21 October 2010

A Brand New Candy

As you may know, Castor & Pollux has been partnering with Oregon Dog Rescue and donating food to their organization through our PetWorks Partners program. In July, ODR took in a special foster pet, Candy, and I’d like to share her story.

When Candy first came to ODR, she weighed 20 lbs. She is a Pomeranian, and her ideal weight is 12 lbs. I don’t know about you, but the thought of having to lose 40% of my body weight would seem very daunting. But Candy and the folks at Oregon Dog Rescue were up for the challenge.

The first step was to get Candy on a thyroid medication. Then, Candy’s foster mom, Holly, started her on C&P’s ORGANIX Less Active Formula and began easing her into an exercise routine. To say that Candy was “less active” would be a serious understatement. Candy resisted walking whenever possible and could not pull herself up the 2 stairs on Holly’s porch.

I met Candy a couple of weeks after Holly took her in when I was volunteering at ODR’s booth at the Tualatin Crawfish Festival. It was a hot August day and there were small pools set up so the dogs could take a break from the heat and cool off. Candy was so overweight that she could not walk from her crate to the pool and instead had to be carried to and from the water.

It’s now been 3 months and I’m happy to report that Candy has done an amazing job on her weight loss program. She has lost 5 lbs and is getting closer and closer to her goal weight!

Looking at her “before and after” photo, she looks like an entirely new dog. Even more exciting is how much energy and spunk Candy has. When I saw her last weekend she was full of pep and running around outside. Holly said Candy no longer begs or scavenges for scraps of food, and is quite content to get her two servings of ORGANIX each day (and sometimes a small cookie at bedtime- even dogs on diets deserve a treat once in a while).

Now that Candy has a new lease on life, it’s time for her to find her forever home. If you’re interested in adopting Candy, you can see her every Saturday at the Tualatin, Oregon PetSmart, or learn more about her at


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  1. This is heartwarming! that pup looks reborn…god’s work and well done :)

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