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Dog-on-Diet Week 6 Update

8 Comments 18 November 2011

Dog-on-Diet Week 6 Update


The weather overall has been sunny and dry so it’s better for our hiking, not so muddy. On Monday we did a walk around the neighborhood in the morning and an afternoon hike. Haley was exhausted (see pic), but it was good for us both! Things are going smoothly and Haley lost another pound for a total of 3 pounds! I am glad to see the scale moving in the right direction. We adjusted her food slightly, a little less, and now we can’t wait for more weight to come off. Hats off to all who are working with their pets and their weight loss journey, I know it is not easy for them and it’s definitely not an easy process for us parents either! Keep up the great work!










Bandit is just finishing week 6 on his dog on a diet program. The weight is slow to come off, but he is still holding on at 15 pounds. He actually has a waist now and you can see slimming in his shoulders. He also has a neck!!!. His energy level is still up and he can now walk a mile a day without heavily panting. His tummy still looks like it is full of puppies, but no longer drags the ground. He looks healthier and happier. His breathing is so much better. It used to be somewhat labored but not anymore. He is actually starting to play with the toys is his toy box, but if you catch him he will stop because he knows you are watching!!! Maybe this week we can break the 15 pound mark.












Molly’s weight is holding steady at 16 pounds this week. She hasn’t lost anything but hasn’t gained anything either. This 7-year-old lady is acting like a puppy again. She runs around the house playing with us and wanting to be chased. She plays with her stuffed toy frog often tossing it up in the air from her mouth, talking to it and chewing on it. She has so much for energy now. Here’s a picture of her with her frog inviting you to play tug-of-war with her.













Tator Tot

Yay!! For the first time in a couple weeks Tator Tot has lost more then 0.1 lbs…he is down 0.2 lbs from 14.8 last week to 14.6 this week. He has been playing a lot more lately with our other dogs and has found some interest in pulling the stuffing out of toys. He absolutely loves going for our morning walks…he just follows me around the house until I put his leash on him and he knows it’s time to go!












Duchess is down 4 oz this week! Doesn’t seem like much but we think it’s a big deal! :) This week has been a bit chilly but dry so we’ve been going for walks more often we have to keep them shorter though. A few weeks ago we mentioned that she’s been playing with toys more, this has continued- we keep cleaning up her toys and she keeps getting them back

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out! She is also initiated games of chase with her brother Baron more often!



















One of Maizey’s favorite things to do is play hockey in the backyard. It’s great exercise and she loves it. She takes walks when she doesn’t play hockey. After playing she enjoys eating her Organix Dog Food and knows when it’s time to eat. She is doing great and looks forward to meals now more than ever.

Maizey has an autofeeder and last week with the time change she got up to eat breakfast, but no food was there. She looked so sad so I hand fed her and adjusted her autofeeder. Everythings still going great!























Daphnie is doing well this week. She hasn’t lost any weight, but she hasn’t gained any, so that’s good! She does seem a little more perky. She is still getting a 1/3 cup and I’m doing well keeping her away from toddler snacks. Hope all the other dogs are doing well this week!
















This week Emma has not lost any weight nor did she gain any weight…We had a couple of rainy days so we had to play indoors and Emma was not happy about that at all!! I am just happy she is keeping the weight off! I am very proud of her!! I get a lot of compliments on how good she is starting to look…These little girls passed by walking home from school and the one girl said to her friend look Emma getting a waist…It made me smile…and Emma got lots of attention from the girls….which made her happy!! Emma has a lot of energy now more than when she started out….she jumping on everything….couch, chairs, beds..before you had to help her out..but now it not a problem…oh and she getting behind things I now have to lol. When we go on our walks she waits for me know…the old lol that what I feel like when she stops and looks at me as if she was saying come on get a move on it….lol lol Well I hope everyone has a great weekend! Don’t forget to check out C & P FB account where you can see video’s of Emma’s walks or her just causing Till next week..Take care













What a great week for Jules! Sunday I introduced Jules to my friend’s new dog. They liked each other and played in my friend’s back yard, but we thought we would take them to the park (something Jules has not done since she was a puppy). Once at the park, and off the leashes, they were immediately best friends. They ran around, introduced themselves to other beautiful dogs (and people) and swam. Jules has not been swimming in probably 8 years. She was ecstatic! After we let them play for about an hour or more, we decided we would take a walk around the lake. We ended up doing a 4 mile walk after all the play time. She was a little tired at the end, but never once stopped. She was just so happy to be out with other dogs and enjoying the sunshine. Along the way I could tell that Jules was carrying herself so proudly. She kept looking at me with a smile on her face as if to say “look at me mom, I am really doing it!” I have to tell you, in all the years I have had her, I cannot remember ever being more proud of her. She did so great and it was amazing to see. Of course, when we got home she crashed. As I was watching her sleep that night, all I could think about was how much fun she had, and how she must be dreaming of swimming, playing at the park and walking around the lake. My friend was so happy that her dog Airlie and Jules are now bff’s we have vowed to keep up with taking them out together. I took her Wednesday to get weighed, and after last weeks weight gain, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But she is down 1.4 lbs from last week! Whoo hoo!!! I am so proud of my baby, and even if the weight loss is slow, I am just extremely happy to see and make her so happy. She is my heart and soul and I would do anything to make her smile. I look forward to all the new adventures we will share together, and I look forward to sharing them with you.



















Sgt Pepper

Sgt. Pepper is dining on his Castor and Pollux Weight Management Formula al fresco today! Heading out on a new trail with his “sister and “brother” in a bit. It is very chilly, but when it is sunny, Sgt. Pepper likes to stay outside all day. He used to just lay down and bask, but now he enjoys himself playing, and playing, and running, and playing! He has been so happy and energetic since about week 2 of this wonderful program, and has lost 6lbs! He “smiles” all of the time and just seems so content! I can’t believe we are on week 6!













Diablito & buddies are waiting for the weather to clear before taking off on our walk. Diablito appears to not have lost any weight since his last trip on the scale; however, his skin and coat look fantastic!











Blitzen got on the couch the other day!! He wasn’t sure what to do once he was up there but it is one more accomplishment since starting the Dog-On-Diet program!! :)

This is what I’ve been waking up to lately, followed by him jumping up if I make him wait more than 5 minutes before getting up for his walk!!
























Rosie is tired from her shopping trip and ride in the car. She has lost 4 ozs. so far. Here she is lying on the door mat while I cooked supper. She doesn’t understand the excitement of losing weight!















Tallulah has had a great week too! She loves her Castor and Pollux Weight Management food. She waits at her spot on the rug in the kitchen for her breakfast and gobbles up her kibble. She has more energy and pep in her step. I’m sure she has lost weight. I will take her to the vet either Monday or Tuesday for her weigh in. Have a great weekend all.













Cody has been stuck on a plateau, no weight loss but he continues to get more and more energy and playfulness coming out every day.

He just had his 5th birthday and he has been having play dates with his friends Max and Riley. He is ready for turkey day that is coming next week, but knows he doesn’t have a chance getting to do anything more than just smell all that wonderful food. However, he DOES get to play with family and his favorite person Little AJ!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I am thankful for so many blessings that God has given me and Cody choosing me for his forever home is at the top of that list!













Gizmo had a crazy week. He was dog sitting with 6 other dogs. He enjoyed some of the last nice weather before winter. He also has an appointment with a vet dermatologist because he has hives that won’t go away. He also weighs 30lbs now!





















Hey! What’s Shooter doing?! He’s kicking back after a really long walk! The cold has made his pads a little sore so we put a little ointment on and some socks and he’s good to go! We just got back from our weigh in and slowly but surely the pounds continue to come off! This week Shooter lost 4 ounces he went from 93.6 to 93.2. The changes are still amazing us since he’s been on the Organix Weight Management formula. Between his energy level and his shiny coat we see him improving every day! Happy Thanksgiving to our fellow contestants and oh what a week it will be with all those great Thanksgiving smells cooking! Hang in there everyone we can get through this!













K-9 Blog Stardate November 18, 2011


Amazing news fellow star dieters…Prue is down to 69.1 lbs. She wanted to celebrate with an ice cream cake but since she has no opposable thumbs….she settles for a Castor & Pollux rawhide braid.


Since the diet began, Prue like most others has experienced an increase in her energy level. While this is a wonderful thing, I may have to start eating Castor & Pollux food myself because apparently it’s no longer acceptable to sit on the couch and watch tv during leisure time….Now it’s expected to either play with every single toy in the house, take a walk, or basically anything but not pay attention to Prue.


All of the new demands aside, we are very pleased with the effects this diet has had on Prue… and can’t wait to see how much better it’s going to get over the next couple months ….


K-9 Blog out

















Josephine is heading to the vet today and we’ll see if she’s lost any more weight! She has been doing great. She’s been having lots of fun playing with our newest foster beagle, Dora. Josephine and two of the beagles chase each other around the yard. Jo is super fast so it’s pretty fun to watch and she outmaneuvers them pretty well. I am attaching a picture of Josephine playing with Olie, her big beagle/hound brother.







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  1. EILEEN says:

    Tallulah did something she has not done in over a year! She jumped up onto the sofa and sat with me. She is still holding at that 37 pound marker but you can see in her girth that she is leaner. I will post a picture of her later today. Yay Tallulah!!! ^-^

  2. EILEEN says:

    Tallulah has lost weight. Not a lot but it’s going in the right direction. Her weight today 12/8 is 34.5 – She has a MUCH higher energy level. She just wants to go for walks and run around. She has been PULLING me. I’m thinking pretty soon I’ll have to purchase an easy walk harness. I just love the new Tallulah! The way she is now is the way I want her to always be. She is sassy, wants to play with me and have cuddle time. The look in her eye and the way her face changes when we are out on our walks brings me joy because I know she feels good. :-)

  3. Vernon says:

    I really love dogs. but sad to say that I’m allergy on it. Even though its hard for me to have a pet and a best friend. I’m still happy watching my two brother taking care of our dogs,

  4. EILEEN says:

    Tallulah is wonderful! The transformation of my sweet girl is truly amazing. She’s running…wanting to play with toys…she’s been jumping up on friends (not that I like that) but she just couldn’t do it before she started her weight management food. Her nick name from tank, chubby, sausage, fatty has been replaced with speedy gonzales and smiley girl. I KNOW she feels better and it makes me so happy!

  5. Joan Bishop says:

    I have two papillons who were starting to get very round and I decided to put them on the weight management diet.

    I read all the posts and most people say that their dogs have lots of energy now that they are eating this food.
    I wonder if this is due to the weight loss, or is there anything in the food that is an energy booster? If anyone knows, please answer.

  6. Mary says:

    Hi Joan, the increase in energy these pups experienced is from eating a healthier diet, losing weight and getting exercise :)

  7. Katydid says:

    My Sayde is a Yorkie and is very overweight. I have tried a Vet prescribed food. It is as she said “a big salad”. Promoted some weight loss at first, then nothing. Sayde was always hungry and never seemed satisfied. After reading lots of nutritional labels (not just for humans) I decided to try Castor and Pollux. Wish us luck!!!

  8. Mary says:

    Good luck! Keep us updated on your progress!

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