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Start Your New Year’s Resolution Early

0 Comments 02 December 2010

Start Your New Year’s Resolution Early

We were so proud of ourselves. After our seven-year-old Collie/St Bernard, Chester, was pronounced overweight by the vet last year, we switched him to Organix Less Active Formula from the Adult Formula, cut back on treats, and committed to taking him on daily walks. Within 12 months, Chester lost 21 lbs and had reached his ideal weight. Our vet was thrilled! He’s still there today and looks great!

Now we’re in the same boat with Enzo, our two-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog. He’s on the tubby side according to our vet. Enzo goes to work with Brian and is the recipient of copious amounts of love from everyone at Castor & Pollux. That love comes in the form of food along with heavy doses of belly scratching and hugs. So, we’re switching his food to Natural Ultramix Weight Management Formula from the Adult Formula, cutting back on treats, and taking him on more and longer walks.

Estimates indicate that close to 50% of dogs are overweight or obese. While it’s one thing that there’s an obesity problem with people, it’s really inexcusable that we’re letting our beloved four-legged best friends become overweight when WE control their food intake and exercise.

Obesity in dogs and cats is a serious medical problem. Among other things, excess weight places additional stress on joints, the heart, lungs, and other organs. Those extra pounds can affect your furry family member’s life expectancy, when all we want is to have them live forever.

I know, I know… when those eyes beseech you for just one more treat or just a little bit more food, it’s almost impossible to say “no”. Believe me, I’m a sucker as much as anyone! But, let’s make a furrever commitment to our dogs and cats to NOT overfeed them. When those longing eyes start luring you to reach for more food, try a belly rub instead or start a game of “fetch” or grab the leash and go for a walk. Play time, walk time, and cuddle time are just as rewarding to your best friend as an extra treat or more food. And, most importantly, those activities are SOOOOOOOOOO healthy too – for both of you!

Make your New Year’s Resolution today – I’m going to make sure my dog/cat reaches and then maintains a healthy weight. Why? Because I can and because I must. For both of us.


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Shelley Gunton is co-founder and “Top Dog” of Castor & Pollux Pet Works. Shelley and husband Brian’s passion for bringing the best possible products to dogs and cats started with their own dog, Joey, back in 1985 when they couldn’t find any quality food for him after being transferred to Hong Kong. So began their journey into the world of pet food that eventually lead to the launching of their own line of natural and organic dog and cat products in 1999 – Castor & Pollux Pet Works.

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