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Get Healthy with Fido!

1 Comment 18 January 2012

Get Healthy with Fido!

Well it’s that time of year when New Year’s Resolutions start to get a little fuzzy. If one of your goals this year is to get healthy, then read on!

Have you considered bring your dog with you on your journey to better health? Many dogs in this country suffer from obesity, caused by lack of exercise and too much food/treats. Keeping active with your pup is a great way to not only keep them healthy, but to extend their life span!

If you are fairly new to exercise, then the following Couch to 5k program (for you AND your dog) is a fantastic, simple way to get you active right away, with gradual intensity. Most cities host frequent 5ks, often associated with a cause. Running with a group of people and your dog, is a blast. Plus, you feel fantastic crossing the finishing line, regardless of what your pace is.

For more information on training with your dog, Dog Day 5K is an awesome resource.

For a training schedule to get you from walking to running a full 5K, read this.


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1 comment

  1. Shannon says:

    I have used the couch potato to 5k for a couple of weeks and had not thought of including my best friend until this blog!!! Thank you so much and happy tails!

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