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Natural Ultramix Cat Food Gets a Boost

18 Comments 21 February 2011

Natural Ultramix Cat Food Gets a Boost

We think sometimes cats get a bum rap. A lot of people say cats are finicky eaters and are hard to please. That’s certainly true in some cases, but we think a lot of them are just in tune with what they want, and what their bodies need. Cats are obligate carnivores, which is a fancy way of saying they need to have animal-based protein in their diets. Castor & Pollux Natural PetWorks has always been a leader and innovator in natural products for pets, and our new Natural Ultramix dry cat formulas are no exception.

To satisfy both cats’ needs and cravings, we created our proprietary Carnivore Health Boost™ kibble. These dark, hearty, grain-free bits include multiple sources of protein, like natural chicken, turkey and salmon. We then blend these special Carnivore Health Boost bits with a second carefully crafted Natural Ultramix kibble to create a complete and balanced diet for your cat.

We’re so sure our food will make a good impression that we created a window in the side of the bag just so you can see our unique mix of kibble. But what really matters is what your cat thinks. So look for our new formula- it’s hitting shelves now. Then pick up a bag of our Adult or Indoor formula and let the four-legged decision maker in your house do the rest!


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Kate lives in Portland, OR and is an employee of Castor & Pollux Natural Petworks. She grew up surrounded by pets of all kinds, and currently has two rescue dogs- Riley and Sigh.

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  1. Nancie K says:

    It’s too bad you don’t offer Limited Ingredient Diet versions of your cat food. I’m looking for higher quality foods that are true LID ingredients.. I can’t feed my cat anything with chicken, fish or turkey in it due too food allergies. too many brands mix in chicken and such as fillers.

  2. Kate says:

    Hi Nancie,

    Thanks for your comment. We use the chicken, turkey and salmon in our foods as main sources of high-quality protein, not as fillers. Unfortunately, we don’t currently have any formulas without any of those ingredients. Does your vet currently have your cat on a special prescription diet to deal with allergies?

  3. Linda says:

    I am disappointed that you have reformulated without addressing the specific reasons why. Obviously major changes have been made. Was the old formula inadequate in some way? My cats like the old formula and this will be like switching brands. New and different are not always better.

  4. Kate says:

    Hi Linda,

    Our previous formula was not inadequate, and was a complete and nutritionally balanced diet for cats. Because cats are carnivores and both needs and enjoy animal-derived protein, we saw an opportunity to give our formula a flavorful and protein-rich boost by introducing our Carnivore Health Boost kibble, which we mix in with our other Natural Ultramix kibble. Because this new kibble replaces the pieces of fruits and vegetables that were previously in Natural Ultramix, we did make some adjustments to the other kibble, such as including some of these fruits and veggies in the kibble itself. The end result is an even more flavorful formula that we believe cats will love.

    I certainly understand being wary of any formula changes, particularly when your cats have been doing great on the previous food. I really think your cats will like these improvements and hope you give the new product a try. All of our foods have a 100% guarantee, so if for any reason you or your cats don’t like the food, you can contact our customer service team and we’ll give you a full refund.

    Thanks for your question!

  5. Lynn says: rated your Natural Ultramix adult dry dog food quite high but said it is not chelated. Which means that certain minerals won’t be absorbed easily. Any chance of changing things so the food is chelated? Also my dog loves Natural Ultramix dry food and canned food and has been on it for several years. However the food stains her hair. She is a five year old Westie.

  6. JJ says:

    Very sorry I can no longer get your old kind of cat kibble with fresh bits of fruit and vegetables like you carried before. Looked all over town yesterday for one of the old bags without success. Change is NOT better! My cat can eat very few brands. I would buy out any old bags you have left.

  7. JJ says:

    What happened to the hair ball formula?

  8. ellen says:

    I agree with Linda and JJ – one of my cats won’t touch the new formula. He refuses to eat most dry food and the old formula was the only food he would eat! I did try out the new ones, but now I have to keep looking unfortunately since I can’t feed him wet food all the time. I thought I was going crazy when the bags and kibble changed, I was thinking, I know this is called the same thing, but it looks totally different and he won’t eat it!

  9. Dorene says:

    You changed your cat food. Why? My cats liked the little pieces of fruit in the other brand. And you changed the size of the food. Now I have to find a different brand. Why did you change it?

  10. mary says:

    Hi Dorene, We completed extensive research and found that overall, cats did not prefer the fruit mix. We reformulated the food so the fruits and veggies are blended into the kibble, and added a nutritional bonus called Carnivore Health Boost. I’m sorry your cat does not enjoy the new formula!

  11. NE says:

    I am really disappointed that the cat food was reformulated. My cat is allergic to rosemary extract, and the natural ultramix was one of the only affordable foods I could find that did not have it. It made all her skin problems go away!

    Now I have to switch to a different brand. Again.

  12. Danny says:

    I’ve always purchased Ultramix Adult Cat Food via the Internet (always TWO 15 lb Bags). I see the formula has changed. It’s been over a week and my 3 cats all dislike the new formula. Next time you change the formula PLEASE ALSO change the name!!! Maybe append a version # to your cat food line?

  13. mary says:

    Sorry for the frustration Danny!

  14. Melanie says:

    My 3 cats absolutely LOVED the old formula, with the pieces of fruit. I bought a 15 lbs bag of the new formula, and they won’t touch it! This is frustrating, since I’ve been feeding Castor & Pollux for the past 2 years. Now I’m going to have to look for another brand that they all 3 like. Really sucks that you changed the formula. I’ve been trying to find the old food, but it seems sold out everywhere. :(

    I would like a refund for the 15 lbs bag I bought recently, but will I be able to get a refund since I bought this bag on Amazon?

  15. Alex says:

    I was disappointed to find out that the Adult Cat Formula was changed. I called and spoke to a rep who explained that cat owners expressed concern that the fruit pieces were being picked out by their pets. I feed 9 cats, all eat the entire meal mix except 1 cat. It was the fruit pieces that made this food unique, and without equal. I hope the reformulation wasn’t a contingency in place if production costs became an issue. I guess I’ll go back to Fromm’s.

  16. Leanne says:

    I have to agree with most of the folks here. We have tried for years to find a dry cat food that both cats can eat (they have food allergies). Castor and Pollux hairball formula was the answer. Then it went away and on top of that the Adult Cat Formula has changed. Now only one cat can eat it. We’re now looking again for a replacement for Castor and Pollux…something both cats will be able to eat. It looks like you had a great formula that worked for a lot of cats. Too bad.

  17. Leanne says:

    One final thought: it is extremely common for cats to be allergic to fish. Have you thought about creating a formula with no fish or fish oil in it?

  18. Alexandra says:

    Like most of these other cat parents, we are incredibly upset by the change you’ve made (especially without warning or an option to continue purchasing the old formula). Our kitty loved this food, like no other. We saw (pretty quickly) an improvement in his coat (silkier than ever!), increase in energy, and the healthiest we’d ever seen him.
    We were very sad to see that the pieces of fruit & veggies had been taken away (since he absolutely LOVED them). We hoped that maybe they had just been ground up & added into the kibble, but now I’m not so sure. He does not like the new formula at all and only eats when he’s starving, as there is no other option. He’s becoming lethargic, his coat has totally changed & isn’t as silky as it had been, and the most noticeable thing is that his skin has been flaking (almost like kitty dandruff). Our vet has said the only cause could be the change in food and we are just absolutely SICK that your new formula has done this to him.

    Please make the ‘old formula’ available again – as I consider you a local company (being that we live in Portland), I want you to be successful. But a food that makes such a drastic change in our cat is not a food (or a company) that we will be able to support.

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