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There Are Facts, and Then There Are Facts…

2 Comments 17 June 2010

There Are Facts, and Then There Are Facts…

Limited ingredient formulas, raw, BARF, rotation diets, grain-free, home-cooked meals, dry kibble, canned foods, this ingredient, that ingredient… where does fact start and fad end? And what is really fact? Who do you rely on to provide unbiased, reliable information? How do you know what will be best for your dog or cat?

As you can imagine, I love talking to people about their dogs and cats. Whether it’s someone I meet on an airplane, at a social function, neighbors, emails from you, walking the pet aisles in stores or otherwise, I’m always being asked about dog/cat nutrition and “the best” foods.

I always start by learning about their best friends (dog and cat best friends, that is!) – asking questions about the age, breed, activity level, skin/coat condition, stool quality, weight, health concerns, etc.

Usually, we then get into diet – what they’re what they’re feeding and why. Depending on the answers to all of those questions and the food being fed, I make recommendations. Sometimes the recommendation is, stick with what you’re doing since (a) it’s a good food and (b) it seems to be working well for your dog/cat and for you. Often there’s more research I need to do before I can respond to certain questions or concerns. And, sometimes, the recommendation includes a visit to their vet.

Would I love to see the entire world feeding Castor & Pollux products to their dogs and cats? OF COURSE!! Do I believe that Castor & Pollux products provide truly outstanding natural and certified organic, complete and balance nutrition? YES, because they do. But, there are other healthy diets available for dogs and cats that are working and I’m not a proponent of switching for the sake of switching. If I can help pet parents find the best for their furry family members or reassure them that they’re already there, then I believe I’ve provided solid, unbiased input to help in their decision making process.

This same approach is taken by our customer service team when speaking to pet parents on the phone or conversing by email. We take your inquiries very, very seriously. We want to help educate you when requested, research when necessary, consult with our PhD animal nutritionist and our veterinarian as required, dig deeper with the help of our ingredient suppliers as needed… basically do whatever it takes to answer your questions.

Yet, it’s always a bit baffling that a conversation starting with “I heard that ….” or a random website, blog, or posting on a website is considered “FACT”. Sometimes one view or comment on a particular ingredient, formula or even approach to nutrition can spark a landslide of negative backlash often with little consideration as to the source and its credibility, let alone integrity.

Between Brian (my husband and Castor & Pollux co-founder) and I, we represent over 50 years in pet food, health and nutrition, ingredients, formulations, production, packaging, quality control and more. When you start a company that is founded on the realization of how important your dog or cat is to you, and then you work to grow it with a focused dedication and commitment to enriching and expanding the lives of every single dog and cat, it becomes all about truly hands-on, roll up your sleeves and dig in kind of work. We work side-by-side with experts including our PhD Animal Nutritionist, our veterinary counsel, manufacturing leaders, organic and natural ingredient growers and suppliers, regulatory officials, industry groups, and more. The entire C&P team is all about this same focus and commitment. It’s who we are and it what’s we do, together, and together with you.

So, next time you hear or read something that sounds even a tad bit questionable, or next time when you need some information or advice, please call or email us. PLEASE. We’re here for you, for your dogs, and for your cats.


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Shelley Gunton is co-founder and “Top Dog” of Castor & Pollux Pet Works. Shelley and husband Brian’s passion for bringing the best possible products to dogs and cats started with their own dog, Joey, back in 1985 when they couldn’t find any quality food for him after being transferred to Hong Kong. So began their journey into the world of pet food that eventually lead to the launching of their own line of natural and organic dog and cat products in 1999 – Castor & Pollux Pet Works.

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