Debra Shelley

Debra Shelly, Our Pet Adoption Expert

Favorite Animal Movie

I have to be honest will you and tell you that I can’t watch animal movies.  I know that they always turn out ok but I just can’t make it through the part where the lead animal is in danger.  I can’t do it – I’ve tried –  I can’t!

About Debra Shelley

I am currently owned by six cats and one beagle.  My cats given names, I say given because they each have several nicknames,  are in order of how long they have been with me and not their age.  I don’t know the age of most because they are all rescues;  Megan, Willy, Indy, Lizard, Sergeant & DJ.  My beagle’s name is Parker – he’s also a rescue who we believe is between 9-10 years old.  Parker loves his kitties and takes care of them even when they would prefer he didn’t!

My pets are my children and I would be lost without them.  Each one has given me so much more than I could have ever thought possible.  I never made a decision to have six cats.  They are a lot of work, with three litter boxes cleaned out twice a day, grooming and nail trimming on the weekends and the yearly vet check ups.  I’m lucky to have found a wonderful food for all of them, Organix , which keeps them happy and healthy which make me VERY happy!

I’m happy to say that I work at Castor & Pollux Pet Works and part of my job is to work with organizations whose focus is pet adoption. Along with working with these many organizations at work, I have volunteered with the Feral Cat Coalition and sat on the Board for Dogpaw, an off-leash park group in Washington State.  Through it all, I have seen what works and what does not.  It’s about knowing what to look for when looking for a new member of your family, and where to look.